Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The Meaning of Life


God said:

Lift your eyes up to Mine, and see through My eyes into yourself, into the universe, into the light of Heaven. You will not be blinded. You will see. You will know true seeing. More light enters, and then you see better. You see further and you see nearer all at once.

Light enters your eyes, and light is also emitted from your eyes. And that is the motion of life, the one motion of life that seemingly comes in and goes out but really is one circle. Reciprocal is the motion of life.

And what is the meaning of this inward outward chant that is like the chugging of train wheels, this backward and forward movement that moves you forward?

Are motion and meaning the same? Does one motion mean one meaning? Are there considerable meanings to life or only one? Is the one meaning packaged differently but the content ever the same?

And what does "meaning" mean? What is sought with the word "meaning"? Is it asking what is something for? Something like purpose is meaning, and yet purpose and meaning are not the same.

What is is whatever you may think of it. So is your search for meaning your search for understanding? Is it an add-on that you search for? Is the search the finding? What if you misunderstand? Then the meaning you have found is not the meaning. But is it your meaning? How many layers of meaning are there?

You ask what is the meaning of life, and what is the meaning of your life. And you would like a solid answer, like an answer in arithmetic that everyone can agree on.

But unlike arithmetic, you do not stay in one place. You are a dance movement, and yet you are immobile. Is the expression of yourself the same as your meaning?

You yourself are the meaning of your life. You and meaning are the one motion of your life.

You are effervescent. You are part of a parade. What is the meaning of a parade? What kind of sharing is a parade, a glorious parade? What does it share, and what is its meaning? What glory does it reveal?

You do not glorify life. You are the glory of life itself. My children are a marching band that covers the universe. And the band marches to reveal the glory of life itself. Movement is life. And marching in place is also life. And glory is the meaning of your life and all who exist with you.

And the glory is Mine. And if the glory is Mine, it is yours. Glory is the truth of life, and it is its meaning. And you are the expression of My glory. Glory emanates from within and from above and reveals itself below. Glory is the light of the universe.

The uniforms are not the light of the universe. The shining tubas are not. The twirling baton is not. You are the light of the universe, and you reveal it in diverse ways. But the meaning is the same.

Life is all tribute to Me, and I thank you for your expression of Me on earth. I thank you for your breath upon the universe. I thank you for every step you take, for every handshake, for every glance.

My light is the glory of creation, and you are My light dancing upon earth. You are the glory of creation, and you light My creation. You are the sum and the substance. You are My cascading light upon earth. You shine My light back to Me, and I shine it back to you. We light up love, and We love very well.

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