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The Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, August 19th, 2019

Merging with Source ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Merging with Source ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We have remembered to a greater extent than you all have, and what we have remembered is that we are Source Energy Beings. The process of becoming who you really are goes beyond the knowing of that truth. A remembering of who you really are involves living it. It involves being the truth, which is that all beings are unconditional love incarnate and that we are all exploring Source, which is another way of saying that we are all exploring ourselves. You, because of the density in which you chose to incarnate, had many other aspects of self that you could identify with, besides that true nature, and so you did.
And you’ve done this lifetime after lifetime on Earth. Now, it’s time to do something different. It’s time to be something different. It’s time to live that truth and experience it. When you get to this point, and you still have a physical body, it can be confusing because of your system of duality and how black and white things have always been for you. You tend to think that you either are Source or you are human and physical. And then some of you believe that very, very special people have had the experience of being both at the same time, and instead of being like them, most humans have decided to worship them.
You are quite beautiful in your forgetting because of all of the experiences the forgetting has allowed you to have, but what is even more beautiful is to witness you in your remembering. And what is unique about this journey that you are on is that you can be fifth dimensional, which means you’ll still have a physical body, and at the same time, you can remember yourselves as Source.
This version of the fifth dimension you are all creating is about integrating and merging the two, rather than seeing there as being a very solid border between physical and non-physical, human being and Source, and now you’re even moving beyond that belief that there’s a solid line between human and extra-terrestrial. And that is why dissolving barriers is so important. You are dissolving the barriers that have been placed in your own consciousness so that you can have the experience of being whole and complete once again.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Message from the 'Team' August 19th, 2019

A New Pattern From The Future
Peggy Black and the 'team'

We are here to once again support your presence in the dense, challenging reality. We invite you to pause, take a deep breath, and acknowledge that all is well and more. It is a simple exercise; however, you will discover that this is a simple method to reset your energy.

In the world of quantum physics, everything is energy. Realize that the tissues and organs of your body are composed of cells, the cells are made up of molecules, the molecules are composed of atoms, atoms are made up of sub-atomic particles and sub-atomic particles are made up of energy!

You are pure energy - light in its most magnificent form and expression. You, as energy, are constantly changing and you actually control it all with your powerful mind and awareness. You are one big stellar and powerful Human Being.

Your entire existence, all matter, all life, all experiences, everything owes its existence in the physical world to energy Absolutely everything is energy.

Right now the energy of your reality is really unpredictable. Humanity is riding chaotic waves and navigating massive energy oscillations. Notice when you go from being peaceful to being frantic, and unfocused.

Remember the importance of resetting your energy. Pause, take a deep breath, place your awareness in your heart and create a coherent energy vibration of compassion, appreciation, love, forgiveness and allow that vibration to radiate out into your personal energy signature. Allow this energy field to surround you and touch all those you encounter. Trust us, the others will feel this calming energy that you offer.

There is an opportunity to create a new earth template. You are a part of the collective consciousness as an awakened and aware multidimensional being who is setting these goals and calling them forth.

Consider for a moment that there are multiple timeline patterns that are crossing your current time line. When this occurs there are opportunities to use these moments as portals of change. With your focused energy and intent you can call forth a new pattern from the future.

Using your focused energy and imagination, envision, invite, summon, or command a reality for this dimension that is life sustaining, honoring for all, an evolution of consciousness. Invite your future self to assist with this creation. Allow yourself to feel this realization, celebrate this realization with gratitude.

Imagine the possibilities that these realities will be carried in your own energy field and act as holographic communication to all that you meet or encounter. In this manner you are seeding the field with awesome future possibilities.

Watch what you focus upon. Where you place your focus is where your energy goes. So don't feed your energy to a reality that you do not want to continue to create. You are powerful beyond measure. We will continue to remind you of this fact until you truly step into that power. You are here to assist the transformation of this dense dysfunctional reality. There is a future reality awaiting your invitation and command, never doubt that.

Imagine that your desires and dreams come from a future dimension where they already exist. Imagine that it is your future self that is inspiring the desires and the dreams and is willing to show you all the possibilities.

Realize that the future is never fully formed. It is the personal energy of the individual as well as the collective energy of all earthwalkers that call forth a reality that matches their focused energy.

Knowing this and embodying this truth is your mastery. This time is calling you to enter a new level of consciousness of the power of your perceptions and your words. Activating a new awareness of how your inner world affects your outer lives.

We will continue to remind you that you are the creator of your reality. This truth has been expressed in many ways and many languages.  We support your understanding and awareness of how truly powerful you are.

We invite you to continue to free yourselves from the limited concepts of linear time by becoming sensitive to your own natural rhythms, and to the galactic support and energy that is being gifted.

Humanity is healing the past and encoding the future by awakening their hearts in the present. Begin to ask yourself how are you encoding the future? What is your focus? Where have you placed your energy and awareness?

With these simple questions you begin to step into your power as creator. Notice when you are engaged in some form of limited thinking, some negative or misqualified thought. Catch yourself quickly and reset your focus. This just takes a little practice before you will begin to see and experience the shifts.

Recognize that many of your limited beliefs have been given to you by others influenced by this 3D field of limitations; these are just old programs in your thinking process. It is time to begin to shift, delete and transform these limitations. First begin to recognize and acknowledge them. Say to yourself, that was certainly a limited thought. Then have fun replacing that limiting thought with an outrageous thought.

This awareness is occurring within the minds and hearts of humanity.  Earth and all other living systems have a magnetic field and your scientists are discovering that those energy fields connect you all and actually carry biologically relevant information. You are triggering others codes to awaken and you are also being triggered by others who are awakening to their multidimensional divine self.

Step into your true power and call forth from the future a new template for this time and reality. We acknowledge you for the work and service that you continue to offer. Honor and accept the galactic gifts that are being offered to all those who understand who they are. the 'team'
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The Galactic Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, August 19th, 2019

Hello, my friends. Your chorus of ‘I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM.’ rings True throughout my body many times daily and certainly takes any negative thoughts away, the minute I change my thinking to that retort. Thank you. I believe it is helping many.
This is very satisfying to hear as we welcome you this day. We would say that this can be used as THE KEY to your Well-Being during these times. To use it. To say it. To feel it … at any given point whether feeling happy or sad … even desperate or confused.
When Happy and saying it … it will expand your Happiness into a much Higher Lighter place.
When sad … it will lift your spirits and your confidence.
When desperate … it will take you out of the darkness.
When confused … it shall give you Peace.
‘Chant’ this Blessing in ALL situations, Dearest Souls and feel too, the Band of Light Souls that are joining forces with you in that very moment.
As the Energy of these words increase … the POWER behind/within them, shall do so also.
As we stated in our last communication … you ‘upon the ground’ are now able to FEEL so much more of the Higher Energies that are entering in.
This statement allows you to connect up with those of LIGHTER resources and gather strength into yourselves and your Planet.
So many of you are now fully awake and able to conduct one’s thoughts into the Higher level that is required in order to gather Energies into large blocks … Large containers if you like.
Hold the phone a minute! That takes me back to many moons ago when you talked about large containers of ENERGY LIGHT (metaphorically) that were being stored, on ships I think, or at least that is how you presented them … and would be distributed at the correct time (or something along those lines).
This is correct. We are happy to see your memory serving you well.
Indeed. As sometimes I can’t even remember what I went into the next room for!
These containers of Light Energy have been opened now. We are expressing it to you as easily as we can, to try to explain.
Imagine many containers of this Light Energy … marked perhaps in boxes on levels 1, 2 and 3.
Over the last few years … level 3 boxes have been exposed and released into your atmospheres. Many of them … all over your Planet.
Then it moved onto level 2 boxes being distributed … and yet understand, not ALL places of your Planet were ready to accept level 2 and were still absorbing and adjusting to the Energies of box level 3.
Higher Energy places that are able to accept level 2 boxes have been doing so and being Enlightened by them … Joining forces with them.
We do not speak ‘necessarily’ about particular countries … per se … for it may be that in one country there is much conflict and yet, they may ‘live’ alongside the most glorious Energy of mountains. The mountains would be able to absorb these box Energies and filter this Energy out from them in a more appropriate/more ‘dealable with’ … manner.
Whereas … some countries may have greater amounts of areas where the Energies can be ‘poured directly in’.
This, of course, has no bias, no prejudice, no judgment. This is simply about necessary filterisation, in order for Energies to be able to find their way correctly and in proportions that will cause as little disruption as possible.
Why is it though … that we seem to be so affected by ENERGIES? It is the ‘saying of the year’ when one is out of sorts … ‘Oh, it’s these energies playing havoc with us?’ Surely, if they are of Loving Higher Energies we should be leaping around everywhere, sucking on rainbow lollipops!
Dearest Souls, we have spoken in the past of these times to come … which are upon you now and yet, with respect, are just beginning to unravel.
The Higher Lighter Energies coming in are not that which are causing havoc within your Beings.
Yet, it is the balancing out of them WITHIN YOUR BEINGS that is causing the unease.
Would you not say you are having good and bad days?
Oh, yes siree Bob!
Would you not say you are feeling emotions at each end of the scale?
Oh, yes siree Bob! Yet, getting through them with the ‘I AM’ statement!
That which you are experiencing is the releasing of the old … the very old … not just from this lifetime’s experiences … yet, from ALL lifetime’s experiences.
IMAGINE THAT. No small undertaking!
And on top of that …you are not just doing it for yourselves. You are doing it for the many who do not yet have the awareness to KNOW … THEY should be doing it also.
And yet, in order to release your Planet and all who sail in her … into her NEW position … all that does not serve the LIGHT must be transformed/transmuted/dispersed.
So, when it is that you may feel you have had enough … and frustrated with not seeing the change taking place as you would like … Simply …
When you feel defeated within your soul POWER repeat over and over …
FEEL IT … KNOW IT … and your strength shall return YOU to Being very much on course.
When ANYTHING is shaken … it causes disturbance.
Imagine as if your entire Planet has been shaken up like a drum with inside your washing machines. First turning one way, then the other. Sometimes being showered with water (Love) … Sometimes the water being drained from it … then spun around at such a pace/speed that one feels they have lost all control.
We don’t have to imagine very hard … for that is exactly what it feels like sometimes!
Yet, Dearest Ones … what happens after that ‘cycle’?  The drum STOPS and all its contents are hung out Peacefully in the sun to be dried off after their cleansing … as the gentle breeze blows them this way and that … refreshed … renewed. READY!
Nice analogy. So, back to these containers, if I may? When do the level 1 boxes arrive?
Not yet! They are of a far greater Energy …
Far out! I just picked up on what you are about to say … I wonder how many readers did the same?
Yes, you picked up correctly, Blossom.
The level 1 boxes come with ‘THE EVENT’.
Well actually, to be more precise … we would say they come before, during and after.
Without question when the ENERGY OF/FROM these level 1 boxes are opened … you will not/cannot … fail to notice the difference upon your Planet … regarding THE FEELING OF WELL BEING.
I am going to try to break this down a bit. White Cloud mentioned that THE HAPPENING/EVENT, whatever anyone feels comfortable in calling it … would come at a time when we really felt we could not take any more. So, I am assuming things would be very topsy turvy at that point? And if the Energies from level 1 box start coming through … Would not our washing machines explode?
For some! Dearest Souls … These Energies affect Each One differently according to one’s own individual Vibration.
When this time arrives … and it will … it will … much clearing/cleansing/purifying/detoxification on all levels will have taken place/arisen. Leaving many souls MORE THAN COMPLETE AND READY.
These boxes are numbered … on/within … levels for a reason.
Yes, your world is to undergo massive disruptions/disturbances. It has to … to bring EVERYTHING to the surface that HAS TO BE EITHER REMOVED OR CLEANSED.
Yet, are you not gaining strength? A knowing within you like never before? And as your days move forward … this KNOWING … this STRENGTH will magnify continually. For the more you understand it and accept it … the more of its reality shall become you.
Therefore, for those that are ready … for those that have been waiting … for those that are in position … they shall purposefully be able to receive the Energies from box level 1 in its fullness.
So … not everybody will be able to?
No. Depending on their ‘level of Energy awareness’ within their soul Being. Again … may we state … this is not to do with judgment or unfairness … this is to do with self-chosen positioning.
So many will require the assistance of those who are the forerunners.
So many of you will find yourself in ‘leadership’ positions. Many leaders, many, many leaders will be required. Some to lead small groups, some to lead large … yet, so many souls will need help in understanding what is taking place and what they are to do with this new happening within themselves.
So, when we feel these Higher Energies (level 1) coming through … we will know that ‘IT’ is on its way , will we? Yet, what kind of difference shall we be looking for … for things feel oddly different in these very days of NOW?
THE LEVEL OF LOVE YOU EXPERIENCE … even amid the turmoil.
THE LEVEL OF JOY YOU EXPERIENCE … even amid the turmoil.
THE LEVEL OF KNOWING YOU EXPERIENCE … even amid the turmoil.
Already you can feel the Energies getting stronger /Higher.
Therefore, you KNOW that so much is taking place on levels that you cannot be ‘notified’ of at this juncture.
Yet, we ask you to continue to TRUST … YOUR SELVES.
Nicely timed. On the hour exactly. How do you do that when you have no time?
Simply conforming to yours.
In Gratitude. In Loving service … I AM.
The audio for this channelling will be posted below shortly.

Ashtar Sheran via Sharon Stewart , August 18, 2019

This is Ashtar Sheran and I have a message for all lightworkers.

These are heady times indeed. The dark ones are being removed from your planet, their illuminati minions are being arrested and tried, and their heinous deeds are being revealed to the people of your planet, even on the main stream news. The truth is coming out for all to see. To change all upon your planet to find their light.

This was foretold and anticipated for eons. The plan to put lightworkers or starseeds, if you prefer, upon this planet to create change was divised at the highest levels. This is a divine plan and you are part of it. You volunteered to come here, to help take this planet back to create an Eden of it again. To liberate the people of this planet whose collective energy was too low to help themselves from the trap they were caught in.

You are the powerful ones. You are the powerful beings. Yet I see so many are ensnared in dark programming as well.

We are so close now to the Event, we are so close to breaking free of the dark’s grasp on the minds of your people. We galactics are doing all that we can to free your world of dark influence, arresting, removing from the planet those who hold its vibration down. Those who require your energy as their food. We are taking them off planet where they can no longer influence you.

This is the time. This is the peak time. This is the time for lightworkers to focus on raising your own energetic vibration. Your light quotient. Aligning with soul, not with your ego. Now is the time because it’s easier than it ever has been to let go of lower dimensional thinking.

Learn to use your energy. Learn to draw in white light through the crown. Bring it in, and project it to a desired location, or a desired person, principle or thing. You can use your energy to re-create your world right now. It’s very simple.

Another tip. Ask how you can serve today. Ask how you can make this world a better place, even in a small way right now. That small deed is like a rock thrown into a pond – the ripples of energy that are broadcast from that small deed reverberate around your planet. You don’t know the influence you have. Everything you think, say and do carries so much weight. Don’t misuse it.

Focus on being of the higher light right now. Focus on your divine mission. Focus on carrying higher energies today. It’s so important.

The dark ones have manipulated you for years, and you continue to be the focus of their exploitatious trickery because you are the powerful ones. Not the earthlings. The dark ones can’t focus on us because we’re too powerful for them. Know that you are one of us, and you are as powerful as we are. Your bodies tell you otherwise. Your lives hold you back. But this is the truth. You are one of us and you are a powerful being of Light.

You need to see beyond the smallness of your current lives. Your long day at work, pizza dinner and a night before the television set – these patterns must be broken in order to find your real pattern. Yes, we realize you still require money.

This will change soon but don’t wait for the RV because it’s your higher energy we need to release the RV. You are the Light holders. I’ve said this before – the quantum computer that holds the funding that will help liberate your planet even further holds a 5D vibration. And the 5D vibration is your password to receiving your funds. It has to be so, otherwise the dark will steal the money if the vibration is any lower. You have to reach 5D.

It’s not that hard. Be of service. Help others. Don’t focus on your own problems – focus on helping others. Focusing on your own problems only grows them. If you must, focus on solutions to these problems, but don’t dwell on them otherwise.

To reach 5D, the next step is to wish for good for all. For everyone. Be unconditionally loving. Don’t let yourself be walked on, don’t be taken advantage of – these are all lower vibrational frequencies – but learn to forgive those who harmed you. Your perception of being harmed can be changed with love. All is love. Understand that. Wish everyone the highest good.

When you love even your enemy, you’ll have no enemies anymore. Look at the countries that fought so savagely during your second world war. Are their people enemies now? You can do this as well.

When you serve all, you serve yourself as well.

When you wish all the highest good, that includes you as well.

When you help others to rise up, you raise yourself as well.

Everyone wins. We would love you to focus on creating a winning situation for all in your lives. Your lives are not just about you – they’re about everyone on this planet. You came here to carry out that level of responsibility – because you can.

Know your truth. Know who you are. You can do it. Just start today.

I love you and I remain here for you always,



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Daily Teachings of the Masters


Monday, August 19, 2019

We are asking you to reframe each situation 
you encounter with light. 
With this understanding,
what if you then knew 
you were in the right place 
at the right time. 
What if there was no avoiding it 
and why should you? 
That is what we are saying.
To come into agreement
that you make the moment.
What if the moment was arranged 
by you for the releasing of your fears?
For your coming into your power 
and your light?
What if you required that moment
for your advancement?