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Tell Better Stories

Heavenletter #6508 Published on: November 20, 2018

God said:
Beloved, it may well be true that the world is too much with you. You may be over-extending yourself. When you are doing more than you can comfortably accommodate, take some deep breaths. I ask you kindly – who assigns an overload of work to you?
Why do you insist that you must get everything all done or that you are in some kind of jeopardy? How high do you set the dial? What are the consequences you pay? Who says you must do all you set out to do and accomplish it at break-neck speed? Who is it who imposes this on you? Ah, it is a good guess it is you, Beloved.
What race is it exactly you must run? Who has set such limits on you? Who has to give you a break, and who believes you have more energy and whip yourself into shape? Are you worn out, or is being worn out an idea that you embrace? Dear Heart, must so much energy go into self-talk that takes energy away from you?
Who is it who makes your work easy or says you work too much? Who is it who submits you to over-weaning pressure?
You deeply want to be someone who is cool, calm, and collected, yet who tends to evaluate yourself as wanting and rushing. It must be you who sketches yourself as the summation of someone who drags and pulls too great a load. You make a pronouncement that you have too much to do. You say so. You insist so. And who tries to whip you into shape? I daresay this is also you.
I would love to divest you of too heavy a load. It has been said that attitude is everything. I see the point. And so you see awareness of the truth of this.
Certainly, attitude is a lot of life. How you see life matters. You tell yourself you walk on air or not, that you are put upon or not. Who but you decides how the dice are thrown and what they will lead to?
One friend expresses his gratitude truthfully as he leads himself to see it. He says he lives in the nicest place, has the nicest friends. Here I am, he says, and how lucky I am. He announces his life to himself regardless and leaves out the unenjoyable pieces. And so it is.
Here is something you can do to uplift and to balance the world, and this is simply to no longer feel sorry for yourself. Do this. You have done it. You have seen others do this as well.
I, God, observed a man who had what is called a long and painful fatal illness, and yet, when someone came to tend to him or a friend or relative came to visit him, he is interested in what was going on in his friends' lives and not in describing the pain he is in. He leaves out his tales of woe.
I do not tend to suggest that you put your life aside and put others’ happiness routinely before your own as if in a sacrifice, yet there may well be times when this idea has a place in your life. Just go ahead and give your thoughts to consider others.
This kind man was not being self-sacrificing. While he was alive and could make life easier for another to whatever degree he could, this is exactly what he wanted to do. And so he did.

The Council via Ron Head, November 18th, 2018

Who We All Really ARE | The Council
NOV 18 2018
“Once an enLIGHTened HUman has had the experience of Cosmic Consciousness, and (Self)Realized Who We All Really ARE — but still has bills to pay, children to raise, work to do, etc. — how can that person best stay sufficiently ‘grounded’ to deal with all the daily ‘stuff’ to fulfill his/her chosen obligations and responsibilities while also not denying One’s multidimensional existence and Perspective?”
There is an interesting description of this in your Eastern philosophies. It is said “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” Perhaps a little explanation of this will be of service.
Once again, when we reference the pronoun ‘you’ in this discourse, please understand that we mean the collective of Earth humanity. Also understand that there growing numbers of you for whom this discussion is remedial.
You attempt to make intellectual sense of an experience that has been postulated but of which you have nothing in your intellect to construct an understanding with. In, other words, you cannot paint a picture of an entirely new experience by using the paints that are mixed in the past.
Firstly, you approach everything carrying your concepts of what is ‘only’ possible, and these are incorrect. You still understand everything in dualities, also incorrect.
A further problem is that we must use linear thought and language to try and explain, and we must also limit the ‘time’ and ‘space’ that we use to do so. But let us have a go, as you say.
Let us begin by telling you that you are not on the path of becoming something that you are not. “But I want to ascend! I want to be enlightened!” My friends, you have an idea, or rather bushels of ideas, of what that would be like, none of which are anything but desires that you have projected from your past understandings into the future. There is a part, emphasize part, of you that chops wood and carries water. This is a part of the you that is divine, is multi-dimensional, that has knowledge, abilities, etc. that the wood chopper knows nothing of. That does not demean the wood chopper and it does not make the parts of you that exist in other frequencies into divine, spiritual, god-like beings.
You are already all of these things. Consider all of the texts that describe the moment of ‘enlightenment’ by saying “And the Buddha laughed.” He laughed because he knew that he had been ‘it’ all along. And then he chopped wood and carried water.
Now, this may seem as if we are shifting course, but we are really going to give you a short description of what is happening. We hope you will either understand it or set it aside for further consideration.
You are an entirety of consciousness that exists everywhen and everywhere. You call it multi-dimensional. That is alright. But please try to stop thinking of these things as being separate from each other. There is no fence separating do from re or la from so. There is no fence between blue and purple.
There is a continuum of energy, of frequency, of sound and light if you wish, that is what you are. The frequency of sound, of energy, that makes up the embodiment that you think of as ‘what I am’ is rising. As an aside, your ‘what I am’ is an extremely limited viewpoint. As your frequency rises, your ability to hold energy in your embodiment and in your mind rises, as well. So, did you change, really? Or did you become more aware? Actually, both answers are yes, but try to understand the point we are making. You are only learning more of what you already are and have always been.
You will also come to see that the same is true for everyone you meet. Only the degree of knowing may be different. But higher frequencies will always entrain lower to some extent. In other words, you lift each other as much as the other will allow. Free will is also what you are. Nobody can or will force anyone to ascend.
So now, here you are, all ascended. You have a lot of the understanding and abilities that you put such high expectations on. And there are the dinner dishes. Do you see? Chop your wood. Carry your water. Wash the dishes. But now… yes, now… do it as the entire divine being that you did not know you were yesterday.
That is what you are living through. You do not have to. You may do it later. But everyone who is where you are has the choice to do it now if they wish.
Thank you for the opportunity to discuss this.
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Saul via John Smallman, November 18th, 2018

Saul Audio Blog for Sunday November 18th
Humanity is on a roll!  Yes, I have said that before!  Nevertheless, as you attend to the news media, you mostly find news of disasters and catastrophes of various kinds, and mostly ones that do not directly affect you.  Don’t focus your attention there, because it just drains your energy, allowing guilt, anxiety, fear, and anger to fill your minds.  If you can help with your presence, or by making donations, then do so; but just sending love to those who are in need and who are suffering is very powerful.  Then get on with living your lives lovingly and consciously, because that is what you are in form to do.  And humanity is on a roll, because it has collectively made the decision to awaken, and that is what is happening.
The pain and suffering that many are undergoing is as a result of the decision to awaken, and is happening as “stuff” arises within them to be released.  It is an enormous and ongoing planet-wide releasing of all the attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs that stop people from being only loving.
Resentment, bitterness, hatred, judgment, and the desire for restitution are all blocks to Love.  Love is always unconditionally accepting and never judges, but humans in form have been trained to judge and to seek restitution for their hurts – and indeed many have been very badly hurt – but focusing on those hurts is to live in the past and replay endlessly from their memories the occasions that were so painful.  And doing that just brings those memories back into the present for those doing so, and repeats within them now the pain and suffering that they underwent, even though it is over.
There is absolutely no need to do that!  Dwelling on past pain and suffering totally blocks your ability to enjoy life in the now moment, the only time there is.  Let go!  Live today with love in your hearts and enjoy the experience of being alive – a smile from a stranger, children playing happily, a caress from a loved one – and be aware of the world around you, whether it be a view of city streets, mountains, lakes, oceans, or your own backyard.  There is always something in your environment in which to delight and for which you can offer thanks – even a brief respite from the pain of physical illness that you may be experiencing, or the comfort and loving attention in that situation that another offers you.
There is only Love, and if you will open yourselves to receive it you will be amazed at how many times it is offered to you.  Truly all of you, every single human being, seeks only Love.  Not conditional love – if you do this I will love you – but real Love, capital L!  Real Love is your true nature, but as humans you have shut off your awareness of this holy truth by focusing on fear.  You did this a long time ago because it seemed to be the basis of your survival in a threatening environment in which your physical bodies were, and still are, very vulnerable and can be easily damaged.  Now this survival fear no longer serves you, it only serves to separate you from one another.  And the more you believe that it is necessary the more fearful you become, expecting negative judgments from even your nearest and dearest, as well as from civil “authorities,” friends, acquaintances, and employers.
All of you, during your formative years, were judged by parents, your elders and betters, and by your schools as not good enough, not working hard enough, not doing your best – and this goes back generations, it is the culture of “civilization,” which itself is fear-based.  This was not meant to be!  As little ones you should have been loved, guided, and assisted to uncover and develop your wonderful talents, not forced to conform to rules that made no sense.  If this had happened society would be a peaceful and harmonious fellowship in which differences between people were encouraged, and your different creative abilities would be honored instead of being judged as unacceptable, and wrong, just because they were different.
Over the last few decades enormous strides have been made to address the issue of differences between individuals, cultures, creeds, colors, and ethnicities.  Now more and more people all across the world are honoring the differences they see in others.  However, there remains a very large number of people with fixed and fearful beliefs who are completely against change of any kind.  They yearn for the “good old days,” the days – as they remember them – from their childhood, but those memories are extremely selective, and in truth the “good old days” never existed.  Those selective memories were created to defend against or hide from view the actuality of those early experiences, which were often intensely painful.
Now, as the awakening progresses, all these unhappy and painful memories are arising in people’s conscious awareness to be acknowledged and released.  While they remain, and are even clung to, love is blocked or refused because people’s trust is severely damaged – nearly everyone has experienced betrayal of some kind by someone they loved and trusted.  The way forward is by releasing this “stuff,” and then opening your hearts to Love.  When you do you will experience love returned to you, because Love is all inclusive and extends and shares Itself constantly with those who are open to It.  Once you choose to follow the path of Love, and find it everywhere – as you undoubtedly will – it is possible to once more start trusting.
Of course you will still experience disappointments, because some those with whom you interact will still be clinging to fear, to their “stuff,” and will be incapable of living lovingly, yet; eventually all will.  In the meantime, by choosing and intending to be loving whatever arises, you are doing what you incarnated to do – massively assisting in humanity’s awakening process – and because the collective decision to awaken has been made and is irreversible, you will bring it about.
Whenever you feel depressed, down-hearted, or anxious, especially after becoming aware of some “new” disaster or catastrophe, go within, to your holy inner sanctuary where Love resides constantly, and just be with yourself as you allow the knowing that all is divinely taken care of to fill your heart.  You will feel the love and the peace that is your nature, and your faith in the divine plan will be reaffirmed for you.  You are One with Source, Mother/Father/God, the supreme Intelligence, the infinite Wisdom that is All That Exists, and during those quiet moments that you spend within your knowing of this will strengthen, and your doubts will fade away.  But, due to the limitations that being in form as a human places upon you, you do need to go within and open your hearts to Love at least once daily.  And you can also pay brief visits during the day while waiting in line, at traffic lights, or even when visiting the restroom.  Just KNOW that you are eternally and infinitely loved, just as you are, despite all the failings and inadequacies for which you so often negatively judge yourselves.  Stop the negative self-judgments, accept and love yourselves, and enjoy the sense of peace that will arise.
With so very much love, Saul.

The Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, November 19th, 2018

Timelines for Open Contact with E.T.s ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Timelines for Open Contact with E.T.s ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council
“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We are in the process of reviewing the timelines that have recently made themselves available to you. Or to put it another way, you have made yourselves available to these timelines, and they are filled with more extra-terrestrial contact and extra-terrestrial contact that will be open to all sooner than any other timeline that we have seen for you.
This is a very good sign for humanity. You see, the type of extra-terrestrial contact that you want will only happen when you are ready for it. So any indication that it is coming sooner – and this is one of those indicators – is a very good sign, indeed. You have progressed so wonderfully, and we are eager to see the ways in which you take the next steps forward.
We cannot tell you what your future is because you keep changing. And as you change, so does your future. We can tell you that your future has been bright for quite some time, and that the potential for an even brighter future coming, even sooner than expected, has just occurred.
We are very happy for humanity, and we will continue to watch over you and send you all of the help that we can. But you need to celebrate all of these little victories that come your way. You need to celebrate them because they are significant and because you have earned them. We also just enjoy watching you acknowledge yourselves for how far you’ve come.
You will continue to have your challenges, of course. And the e.t.s are not coming to rescue you from yourselves. If that were the case, they would have come a long time ago. You are absolutely surprising us and the other high frequency beings who are keeping tabs on all of you. And that includes the physical extra-terrestrial beings who will make that full, open contact with humanity.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Beyond Daily Life

Heavenletter #6507 Published on: November 19, 2018

God said:
Beloved, make life easier for you and all those near you as well as those who are said to be far away from you in time or space, neither of which exist except in illusion. Of course, illusion can only appear to be seen, or it wouldn’t be illusion.
Personally and superficially, you seem to exist as if in a body. In earth terms, that which is not seen, such as soul, you cannot draw with pen and ink.
Nevertheless, souls are Infinitely sensed and Infinitely known to be true. Very young children who are just learning to speak have a sense of awe as soon as they hear the word God, as if they can tell that the written word God deserves to be capitalized. Children also catch the meaning of the word death as it is thought of on Earth.
You, too, understand that all Human Beings share the One World and the Heavens, Earth, and the air and soil and water, as if the Earth, light, the elements, the sky itself, Middle Earth and the Sun, Moon, and Stars – as if everything is Infinite Vast Consciousness and that you tip your hat to all with pleasure. How do you understand this without the words to say it in? You just do. You catch on.
The same way it all rings true to you that all Beings are dreamers and seekers, that all seek to join and recognize their Union with God, and all that which life encompasses in your Awareness of Soul and your extended inborn desire to be great and to recognize all to be great, to reach the height of Heaven, to also be recognized by God and to recognize God in all, to clasp God’s hand, and be blessed by God and to recognize that all men and women are divinely joined as brothers and sisters who share one family and one Infinite love.
What are you here on Earth for unless to awaken to joy and to deliver joy in every heart you are blessed to come near? Every heart you meet, you are destined to meet the way the sun meets the day, to deliver the sky and the Sun to each other. Value the Heart, the Magnificence Heart.
The Heart is the Flame. The mind is a bookkeeper.
Your heart is here to give the mind reason for Being. The Heart, in Our case, is metaphorical. A big heart and eyes, the light of life has One Universe at Our disposal.
And music, music, music, and dance and dance. Beat the drums. What majesty is this world We live in! The world is greater than you may accept and give it credit regardless of its misperceptions and arguments and other sundry ways of wasting time.
At the same time, something great is going on. All the beauty of nature and the fact that babies are born and are born with love and are loved and are dependent and then grow beyond dependence.
And no matter how bedraggled the world may appear, you have a world, and you live in it. Somehow you got here in this world that is also beautiful beyond words. Everything seems to be a miracle, even when some miracles seem like mistakes. You live in a world where anything can happen, where it is even arranged for you to leave this world, often taken unawares.
It is bespoken that you get out alive and dropped off in Heaven. Well, why not?
Now you release attachment. Now you are once again a rose in bloom forevermore as you always were and didn’t quite see beyond an old vision of daily life.