Saturday, September 22, 2018

Messages from the Angels via Ann - 09/22/2018 • The Answer to all Problems

Message from the Angels

It happened again this week. As I sat to channel the angel messages, I felt the most loving presence come over me and the words came with a great sense of peace. I suspect we'll go back to the angels' voice at some point, but for now enjoy the sweetness of the energy behind these words...
In the silent embrace of my Presence you will find the love you are seeking. In the quiet moments between thoughts you will feel the peace you dearly crave. In the eyes of creation you will witness me, always seeking to come to the surface in human hearts.
Feel yourself sinking back into my love as a wave sinks into the ocean. 

As you breathe and relax into the embrace of my love, your pains will heal, and your problems will be resolved. You need no longer feel the sting of being hurt, abandoned, betrayed, or disparaged, for my love is so all encompassing it will overshadow all pain, as clearly as light drives away the illusion of darkness.

You are never separate from me. You cannot be. You seek me in the arms of another. You look for my love in the acknowledgment and agreement of the world. You find me in moments of bliss and in the kinder, more beautiful moments in life. I live in all these spaces. However, I am also there in the places where you cannot easily find me, and in the faces of those who forget that my love lives within them as well.

I cannot leave you. When others appear to withdraw from your life I am with you. When others don't see my light within you, there I still abide.When you are treated with less than my love, I love you and accept you exactly as you are. My love has no condition. You are perfect in my embrace.

Breathe. Feel my love pulsing within your every heartbeat. Inhale my love with the gulp and wisp of every breath. Feel the hum of my life in your cells as they go about their daily lives, creating the cloak that you call your human body. Allow me to rise up within you, simply through your breath and intent, and I will help you resolve all your problems, heal all your ills, solve your challenges, and focus instead upon your life being a joyful expansion of our collective being. Relax. I am within you and you are within me.

We are one.

Weaving Your Reality

Message from the 'Team' 
Weaving Your Reality
Peggy Black and the 'team'

We are here offering insights and support as you move more fully into the higher dimensions. You truly are in the process of shifting and increasing your vibrations. You are actually straddling two realities most of the time. You are more focused on your third dimension because it demands your attention. However, you continue to sense or feel something is different.

That something different is the awareness that the Universe is communicating with you.

You are aware of moments that cause you to pause, and marvel at this unfolding mystery. You are stepping out of your restricted mindset and programmed responses frequently, to realize the incredible truth that you are connected to a powerful conscious energy field.

This energy field, this quantum field, this Universal consciousness is responding to you and the vibrations you offer. You interface with this field at all times. It is the water that you swim in, so to speak. Most individuals are totally unaware of this energy or their relationship to it.

We are inviting you to begin a conscious conversation. Begin to observe what you are thinking, speaking and emotionally offering; these actions are your vibrational interaction with this field.

You and all beings are truly divine creators. Remember, this quantum field matches the most consistent or dominant vibrations offered. Most individuals use their creative ability upside down and backwards. They energize and focus on what they don't have, what they don't like, what is not working and get more of the same or a similar vibration. What you resist or push against will persist. This is true in your personal as well as global experiences.

So we are inviting you to change the conversation, change the vibrations you are offering. This is important and especially true as your begin to be aware that you are interfacing with a higher dimension of consciousness. Your vibrations, your intentions and emotional offerings will manifest more quickly as you move into the fifth dimension. This is part of the ascension process you are experiencing. You are being invited to refine the energies you are offering.

The Universe is responding to you. It is giving you signs. Begin to notice. These messages, this guidance comes in many forms, in conversations with others, on a broadcast, something you read or overhear, an inspiring idea or solution to a problem, an epiphany or a synchronicity. It might come as a thought, a feeling that feels just right, an inner knowing or instinct, people showing up at just the right moment. We invite you to begin to notice these signs along the way.

The more you notice and acknowledge these messages the more they will become obvious.

Once you begin your partnership with the energy field, once you honor the possibilities that will unfold in this relationship, you will begin to see patterns unfolding, doors opening, problems resolving. You will discover that the Universe, the quantum field will arrange itself to match your vibrations as well as present you with endless opportunities.

The key is the vibrations that you are offering. So make it a practice to increase the coherent uplifting energy vibration and frequency that you offer. Practice feeling appreciation, practice being grateful. These emotional vibrations are the easiest and begin to allow you to integrate and interface with the field in a more powerful positive manner.

We realize there are times in which the idea of being grateful or in appreciation might be the most difficult emotions to call forth. If you are suffering in some way, mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually or in a situation that feels difficult regarding your health or your finances or having problems with family or co-workers, it might feel impossible to be grateful or thankful, it might feel fake or false.

Let us assure you, this is the most important time to begin to engage or call forth even the tiniest shift into gratitude. Find something no matter how small or insignificant for which you can be thankful; continue to observe the situation looking for a reason to be grateful. It might be a stretch, you might find it difficult, however your simple willingness to look or discover a place where you could offer gratitude or appreciation will shift your vibration and your frequency.

When you make this shift the Universe is ready to mirror the slightest change in what you are offering. So pay attention, watch for signs that show this shift in your reality.

We know you will become skilled at raising your vibrations. There are many techniques and practices that can support and assist you.  Meditation, being in nature, being with beloved friends or pets, laughter, dance and movement, doing something that you enjoy, all of these actions shift the frequency you are offering to the field.

Now, when you couple that with your words, actions and intentions, you are a powerful creative force. You are powerful beyond measure. Remember you are a magnificent divine being who is playing in this hologame. You are moving consciously from the limited third dimension to the fifth unlimited dimension.

Remember that synchronicities are happening all the time. You just need to trust yourself and the universe, notice and allow for this ongoing conversation. With your energetic thoughts, emotions and intent you become a co-creator with the Universe. Imagine for a moment as you are weaving your reality that the universe is providing the thread.

Your high frequency vibrations of love, joy, gratitude and appreciation will align you with all possibilities. These vibrations invite the best results to any situation; you are connecting to an energetic web of support where things and events unfold with grace and ease.

Also you are energetically stepping out of the limited third dimension and walking into a new energetic reality where your heart's desire and intentions for life sustaining realities become real.

You are here to anchor this awareness and this consciousness. You are here to transform any and all misqualified or negative emotions, thoughts, patterns or programs. You are here to assist humanity in moving into the fifth dimension where you know that you are truly connected to all.

We continue to empower you and remind you of your true magnificence. We invite you to practice extending more coherent vibrations of love, forgiveness, compassion, joy, gratitude and appreciation. We remind you to transform any discordant, misqualified or negative energies as the true multidimensional alchemist that you are. the 'team'
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Friday, September 21, 2018

Enrich Your Life

Heavenletter #6449 Published on: September 22, 2018

God said:
Beloved, toss out your worries. What do you need them for? What good do they do you? Find other things to think about again and again.
Think how fortunate you are time and time again and again. Look at the blessings you have stumbled on. It’s time to recognize how blessed you are to be alive on Earth. Imagine, you go this way and that, and blessed be to have the privilege to sing and dance on Earth.
If your thoughts are to be worthwhile to you, choose inspiring thoughts while you are at it!
If you are going to redecorate your living room, you would choose a color you like, wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t choose a dingy color, especially over and over again. Why then would keep repainting your mind with darkened thoughts again and again? Why keep muddying up the passages of your mind? Whitewash your mind this moment instead.
If a friend were going on a journey today, you wouldn’t give him a send-off that includes: “Watch out for the bogeyman.”
You would say: “Bon Voyage! Have a good time. See you when you get back!”
Beloved, Beloved, life is the biggest voyage you will ever go on. Give yourself a good send-off. Have the best of times.
Of course, you are going on a journey today. The journey's name is Life. You may see it as an installment. Give yourself a good send-off with balloons and beribboned bottles of champagne. Live Life with a capital L. Live Life to a T.
Take a train if you like, fly a jet, row a boat, paddle a canoe. What matters most is what you make of life in this moment.
How you feel becomes the life you reward yourself with. If you desire a new excursion, be new to yourself. Be open. You are the frequenter of your life. How you see your life affects your very life itself. You are, in effect, your own emcee. You are your own interpreter. You connect the dots of your life. You wind your life around by your little finger with your thoughts.
You are the teller of your tale. You name it. You set your life’s tone of voice. You bring your story home. To some degree, you tug life toward you.
If your story could be considered a voyage, you are the one who sets off on a raft, a tugboat, a sailboat, a speed boat, or the Queen Mary. You have some say on the story you reveal.
It is your vision. It is for you to set the tone of your life. Celebrate your life. If you cannot celebrate your life exquisitely, for Heaven's sake, stop complaining about it.
Make peace with your life. Be circumspect about it. There is some merit to your life. Rejoice in it. Acknowledge what your life does hold for you. Look from a different angle. There is a thing or two to be glad about. Don’t clomp around grumpy about your life. Be
not miserly about your life. Begrudge not your life.
Don’t throw your life down the river. Be glad enough that you have a life. You don’t have to be the Queen of the May.
Somebody would be glad to have your life to spare today. Why not you?
You also don’t know all you may reap from this day. Don’t give up on today. It may hold treasures for you. This day may yet hold great joys for you. Confess that you don’t know today’s outcomes. Awake!

The Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, September 21st, 2018

The Ones Who Are Awakening ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We are surprised and excited to see how many people are waking up every single day. We have noticed this trend occurring as you get closer and closer to the equinox, but we also notice that there is a portion of the population who are struggling. They are struggling to find something to believe in, and they have not been able to make a leap of faith to the truth that we are all one and we are all Source. They certainly are far from believing that they create their reality.
We have been looking for ways to reach this particular group of individuals on your world, and we know that at times you will attempt to share something with one of them to bring them into the light, to help them awaken. But you are going to have a hard time convincing someone of something when they don’t really know what they believe in. So it is much more effective if you just hold space for those individuals. Send them love. Have compassion for them, and live your life without apologies.
Live your truth in every waking moment of every day, no matter what anyone else feels or thinks about your truth. The more of you who are out there shining your light and living your truth, the more of the human collective consciousness is going to get what you know. You can reach more people by tapping in to the collective consciousness then you can by trying to convince someone who doesn’t want to be convinced.
But know that those who are looking for something to believe in are always served by having those like you around. Your presence, and the knowing that you hold within you is enough to bring one or more people to the light.
Daniel Scranton – channel, sound healer, spiritual teacher, channels higher dimensional beings on ascension, the shift to the fifth dimension 5D, and our spiritual evolution as humans. Daniel channels overtones and light languages as well.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Archangel Hope via Shanta Gabriel, September 21st, 2018

An Equinox Message Inspired by Archangel Hope via Shanta Gabriel
September 21, 2018
Dear Ones,
We are speaking today of merging. Merging means to be fully immersed in the Light of the Universal Presence, aligned with your most essential self, embracing and welcoming the Creative Force into your Earthly body. This process leads to Wholeness and a full integration as you become a Divine Human active in the world.
There are aspects of this merging process that are being reflected upon your Earth now. You are seeing conflagration of vast tracts of forest land. These massive fires are larger than have ever been seen by humankind. But what is also going on in this process is not just the scorching of the Earth and the devastation of life and property, there are clear analogies available between the transformative process you are experiencing, and the ancient process of Balance within Nature.
For eons, the environment has depended upon the wild fires to clear away the old and non-essential within the forest freeing the natural life forms to thrive in their habitats. We liken this to your relinquishment of old thoughts and attitudes, which can be seen as the invasive species of mass consciousness.
Just as the heat of the fire is the catalyst necessary for seeds to be released to create new life in the forest, the heat of your transformation is raising your frequencies enabling you to expand your awareness, and let go of all that no longer serves you.  In order to grow into the crystalline form of your light body, the fires of transformation clear away the extraneous releasing the old patterns that are not evolving in order for new forms to birth within you.
The trees have been teaching you for many years now with their clear demonstrations of alignment and photosynthesis. You are using Light as food and nourishment for the creation of your subtle light bodies. The nourishment the tree roots are receiving is naturally raised up the ascending currents within the trunk. In the same way the ascending currents within the spiritual core of your being are raising your spiritual energy from the base of your spine and also bringing the feminine nourishment from within the Earth up into your heart.
The tree attracts and feeds upon the sun light, absorbing Light into its needles or leaves and bringing that powerful energy into the the full body of the tree with the natural descending current. The ancient yogis have spoken of this natural current as your connection to the Light of Infinite Intelligence that descends through your energy system so you can integrate divinity into your human form.
Trees become the ultimate demonstration of the alignment and merging of Heaven and Earth through a living being. You have been diligently integrating your Universal Selves and your earthly human selves. Through this you are activating the crystalline body that will allow you to use the new frequencies as a transformative tool within your lives.
Through all of this activity, you are setting into motion the evolutionary process of fully manifesting as the Divine Human, one who is able to live from higher dimensional awareness while in physical form. You do not need to leave your body to ascend into higher consciousness.
As you go through the fires of evolutionary chaos, know you are a catalyst for the birthing of a new form of humanity, one that lives in harmony with Nature and is able to rise above the destruction so that new life abounds in full creative expression on the Earth and within your own life.
Allow yourself to be grateful that you are conscious of this blessing. You are transmuting the old to create the new. Hope is fulfilling this mission. And so it is.
Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Hope