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The Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, Jun 1th, 2020

The Awakened Collective: Answer the Call ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

the awakened collective - answer the call - the 9th dimensional arcturian council - channeled by daniel scranton channeler of archangel michael

The Awakened Collective: Answer the Call ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We have been looking for a way to address the idea of separation that you have there on Earth, and what we have decided is that now is the perfect time to be sharing with you our perspective. Separation from Source was a necessity in order for people to truly believe in their mortality and the mortality of their loved ones. When you awaken to the truth that separation from Source is and always has been an illusion, then you can start to recognize that all other concepts, all other notions of separation are also illusions. They are illusions that you play with to give yourselves an opportunity to come together.
You come apart, and you come back together, and the coming back together is so much sweeter because of the time that you spent apart. Now, the issues that you have there on Earth that involve a sense of duality, polarity, and the idea of us versus them, are all a part of that big picture strategy that you all had for moving apart so that you could come back together. When you recognize that everyone and everything is Source Energy, then you can let go of your judgments, because you will know that no matter what that person is doing or saying, they are really just Source playing a role, a role for you to experience, and for all of humanity.
Rising above the separation and us-versus-them mentalities is necessary at this time on your world. It is necessary in times of crisis, and the ideas that people have in their heads about who is to blame get magnified. They are amplified in their speech, in their writing, and even in their actions. Whenever you are facing a problem there on Earth, it is always an issue for the consciousness of humanity. You are always being given an opportunity to raise the consciousness, and when we address you as the awakened collective, we are implying that it is you who are raising the level of consciousness, and we are inviting you to do even more.
Let yourselves feel into the vibration of the level of consciousness that is needed on Earth at this time to bring people together, people who are seemingly enemies. You as awakened ones must hold the level of consciousness within you to project onto those individuals the truth that you are all one, separation is an illusion, and that the biggest common denominator that you all have is that you are Source Energy Beings. Those of you who know that and embody it can help to raise the level of consciousness on your world by going beyond pointing fingers, blaming, and politicizing tragedy and trauma.
Now, will you be able to convince anyone with your words or your writing? Perhaps not. But as you hold a vibration and you send love and compassion everywhere it is needed right now on planet Earth, then you demonstrate that truth. You put that truth into action, and that goes beyond the mind of the person who could argue with you and dig their heels in to further their agenda, their beliefs about how everyone should think. You are there to move beyond thought and belief.
You are there to move into a heart-based experience of reality and to spread compassion and love wherever you can. Now is the perfect time to do just that, because it is needed, and you are the ones to answer the call.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

The Arcturian Group via Marily Raffaele, May 31st, 2020

Welcome to our message, dear readers.
Many at this time are in need of support and comfort as they experience situations seemingly generated by world conditions but which in fact are expressions of their own consciousness–experiences chosen as necessary for growth or simply the presence of three dimensional energy. Trust that all experiences are facets of a person’s spiritual awakening process.  In the bigger picture, there are no accidents.
Most suffering  arises from fear, the belief that everything in ones life must follow certain concepts of how things must be, and if they aren’t “bad” things will happen.  Concepts of “rightness” effect relationships, employment, health, and all facets of daily living.  Your media and leaders continue to promote these things not always to cause fear, but because they themselves fear and believe these concepts.  Most of them are completely unaware of the evolutionary process that is  taking place in the world.
Fear locks individuals to a mindset in which they are unable to see, comprehend, or even imagine expanded ideas.  Fear arises from the belief that one is separate from one’s good whether that good is needed or wanted.  Those who live from a consciousness of fear are unable to see any way out of personal problems and often turn to crime or violence as a solution.  Fear also may feed a person’s thinking and decision making with so many possible negative outcomes that they become frozen, unable to make any move.
It is a normal to experience fear occasionally.  You have all lived many lives where your survival depended upon fear.  These things remain in cellular memory until cleared.  When you experience fear do not deny, resist, or try and make it go away with various techniques, spiritual or otherwise.  Rather acknowledge it as an  important tool but one that you no longer need  in the Light of your new awareness.
You are the Higher Power that so many speak of and pray to and it is time to fully accept this. There is nor has there ever been a  Power somewhere manipulating the strings of human puppets. The days of praying to some faraway male God in the sky,  attending  church or performing  actions and ceremonies in order to please or get God’s attention, must end once a person knows the true nature of God.
We are not saying you must never attend some ceremony or go to church if you enjoy these things.  We are saying only to do them with full awareness that they will not nor can they bring you any closer to God than you already are and  in fact your evolved state of consciousness  will add more Light to them.

Most are not yet  spiritually prepared to understand this, but you who are drawn to these messages are. You have moved beyond the religious and metaphysical steps that brought you to where you are spiritually at this time. You have done the work and are prepared to understand that you and all who attain a consciousness of truth are the ones creating the new world, one that resonates on a higher dimensional level.
This is what  ascension is all about, the evolution of world consciousness through the evolution of personal consciousness and never the result of finding the “perfect” politician, guru, friend, teacher, extraterrestrial, prayer, location, or ceremony.
Nothing is going to be exactly as it was before because consciousness is evolving.  You are being told by three dimensional thinkers and those who dislike change that everything must return to the way it was before but this cannot happen because consciousness which forms itself as the outer,  is rapidly integrating higher dimensional frequencies.  People are waking up and beginning to see that indeed the Emperor has no clothes.
Some jobs are going to change or simply disappear.  Try not to see this as a negative thing but rather as  necessary in order for new and better ways to manifest.  Be open to the new in all aspects of life but do not expect changes to come in a moment, for new ideas can only manifest as the consciousness of humanity opens to them. There will be resistance, but  higher and better ways of functioning can and will take place in business, health, politics, religion, education etc. as allowed.
The human mind  is an avenue of awareness  interpreting everything  according to the conditioning  present in individual or collective consciousness. This is why several people may witness the same thing but each will interpret it differently.  Divine Mind contains no conditioning.  IT is infinitely aware only of the Self sustained, Self maintained completeness of ITSELF because nothing else exists.
At some point of every person’s evolutionary journey there comes a time at which they must really accept the truth of ONE and that that ONE is the reality of their own being.  They must cease considering truth to be “airy fairy”, impractical, and un-attainable, otherwise they can and will not move beyond their present level of awareness by virtue of the fact that they are keeping themselves locked in outgrown state of consciousness.
It is time to fully, completely, and honestly examine your life, your decisions, your choices, and your belief system not with judgement and criticism but rather with the love and understanding that comes from knowing that every person is only capable of living out from their highest attained level of consciousness.
Remember this as actions you may have taken in the past fill you with shame, guilt, or remorse when seen with new insight.  Know that everyone, self included,  is doing the best they can with where they are at. This is how you learn to love yourself which is imperative if you are to accept the reality of  ONEness.  Even the murderer thinks he is somehow making things better.
Examine what you learned, still need to learn, and how you grew from the most painful experiences of your life.  Ask yourself; “What was I believing at that time that made me feel, respond, or act this way?  Do I still believe the same?  In the light of what I now know, are these beliefs true?”  These questions are important tools that only you can use and which can help you become more aware of what you still hold in consciousness.
Nothing you ever do, say, or think can make you more loveable and worthy of good than you already are.  You are expressions of the one Divine Consciousness and nothing can or will ever change that.  If or when emotions of judgement, criticism, and self loathing surface as old energy surfaces, know that it is a sign you are graduating and moving beyond the old concepts and beliefs that created them in the first place and which you have carried in cellular memory for centuries.

Bless all emotions as they arise for they are your teachers and  bless the fact that you understand what is taking place for there remain many going through clearings who do not.  Be grateful as you realize that you are spiritually ready to rid yourself of all that no longer serves your highest good regardless of how physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually uncomfortable the process may be.
There is so much taking place that you are not aware of and are not being told about by the media.  Stop attempting to find answers to everything taking place for the human mind simply cannot give you the answers you seek.  Begin to live out from your true nature, relying upon the fact that completeness lies within and will manifest outwardly as what is needed if allowed.
Take frequent breaks to be silent and rest in the Divinity of your own Being as you go about your day regardless of where you are.  This can be just a moment that only you know about.  Allow your Divine Self to live your life in all the seemingly ordinary activities for all activity is spiritual. There is no such thing as the “profane” versus the “spiritual” as many religions teach.  There is only One Infinite Divine Consciousness expressing ITSELF as infinite form and variety.
We are not saying to throw up your hands while declaring “God is all!” when situations arise that need addressing on a three dimensional level for that would simply be pretending to a state of consciousness not yet attained. We are saying that in these intense times of confusion and fear for so many,  do not lose sight of the fact that the one Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient Divine Consciousness is and always has been the only power and reality.
Many believe that earth and everything on it is illusion.  Earth, its people, and all forms of life are not and never have been illusion.   It is the false  interpretations of minds conditioned by beliefs of duality and separation that constitute illusion.
Begin to look deeper and see everything through eyes of truth rather than judging by appearances.  Begin to trust that the I of you knows what you need, when you need it,  and how to get it to you.  Some of what you  need may not be pleasant according to three dimensional standards but may be  necessary for spiritual growth.  This is where  trust comes in.
Once you seriously begin a spiritual journey (this choice is often made on a subconscious level)  the journey intensifies and the  “train leaves the station” often going in directions you did not expect or even want.
You are in physical form at this time because you chose to be here.  You were well aware of the difficulties you would encounter when living in the lower frequencies of the third dimension but you chose to come anyway in order to complete your own journey as well as to add light and assistance to others in a world struggling through the powerful energies of dimensional ascension.
Your moment has arrived and if things are not what you expected personally or globally, allow these concepts to drop away and simply allow, trust, and acknowledge  I AM.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                                     5/31/20

The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, May 31, 2020

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, May 31, 2020

This turned out to be quite a self-indulgent chat, yet it seems many feel like me, so I am hoping my indulgence will be useful.
Hello there once again, dear friends. Someone posed a question that had never crossed my mind. I would be grateful if you could answer it.
Welcome, Dearest Blossom. We are always happy to engage in conversation with you and accept that when you feel the need to ask a particular ‘something’, we will try our very best to answer it as appropriately as we see fitting.
Ok. Thank you. You speak many times of those down here being chosen, only the ‘strongest of the strong’, etc. and that many had to stay behind, so to speak. How come then, we have rapists, murderers, and all nature of what appears to be darkened souls down here, who appear to be contributing to the darkness, not the Light?
That is indeed an excellent question. We would answer in Truth that for those souls who appear to other souls to be of the darkness, they too, have their quest. They too, know that the experience of Life upon Earth is the ‘quickest’ way for the soul to travel on the path to Enlightenment. Therefore, they have just as much ‘right’ to be here as one who walks the path of Love and Truth and service to others.
Yes. Yet, surely if more of the goodies were chosen, maybe we would not be in such a mess?
Blossom … the ‘mess’ was inevitable. The peak* of this mess is upon you Now and has been created by each and every one whether you consider one to be of Lighter or darker temperament. Your world is a ‘mishmash’ of all that is … and it is now that the Game … the Experiment … has reached its ultimate position where it has been agreed upon that CHANGE HAS TO OCCUR … For the Greatest Good of All.
Yep, get that! Yet, wouldn’t it be better for those whose souls desire to cause harm, were put in a little place somewhere else ‘off’ Planet … all of them together and for them to play out ‘their game’ on/with each other? Why should, what we understand to be ‘innocent souls’ be their victims?
Because Blossom, your lives are Infinite. One you may consider to be innocent now, may once have been very much like the perpetrator.
So, are we talking karma here?
We are. Let us speak of that! Karma is not necessarily ‘payback’ from one soul to another. It does not work that way. Yet, it would be for the soul that repents … to ‘ask’ for the same experience … of feeling… of that which they caused another … in order to KNOW the harm they put upon another … in order to forgive themselves. This is but one example of many, many … that befits that topic.
Remember too, that there is CHOICE. We cannot, no one can, interfere with another’s choice. If one chooses to enter onto a pathway that is not leading them into the Light, that is their decision.
They may have had every good intention before they came … and yet, got lost along the way.
So, with respect, not necessarily the strongest of the strong then?
With respect … how strong do you feel at the moment Blossom?
Oh, Touché! Top marks. You obviously have been tuning into my Energy. For, the answer to that is … Not very strong at all! In fact, I feel so ‘weak’ in my supposed strength. I am aware of all your teachings, especially the mantra to keep me afloat, yet, seem to be sinking with a brick around my ankle and cannot be bothered to untie it! Absolutely get what you mean. I was wrong to have judged.
Not wrong, Dearest Blossom. It is just that our perspective in/of/ all matters is very different from yours because of the difference in Vibration in /from which we reside.
So then, tell me honestly … (why do I even need to say that to you for I know you will) for those of us that feel we are ‘failing miserably’ right now in our purpose, our mission down here, are you disappointed in us? It’s going to get much worse, you say … and I for one, am not doing very well at anchoring the Light and sending out Rainbows right now and this is only phase one!
Blossom, Dearest Blossom, YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING OF LIGHT! That which we offer you are assistances to bring about THE CHANGE that you are in. It is not that we would in any way be taking score of how well you are doing. When we see one’s Energy and disposition is low, we send Love. We do not judge.
We are not down there with you in the thick of it. Many of you are intensely sensitive to the Energies within upon and around your Planet during these times. When you eventually get to hear of what actually is taking place right now, in that which you believe to be an ‘incubation period’ … you will understand perfectly. ‘No wonder I felt so bad’, you will say.
Yet, you are asking us to stand strong in our Light … for these times are why we came … and I feel my battery is almost out.
Our suggestion to this would be to rest and recharge then. We certainly would not advise to beat yourself up about the way you are feeling.
Yes, I know it doesn’t help my plight. I seem to be beating myself up for beating myself up even!
There will be a shift in Energies that will lift your spirits.
A shift in Energies BEFORE whatever phase THE EVENT may be in?
Yes. For as we have stated before … one will feel the preliminary effects of this in preparation for the actual happening.
It is not ‘our policy’ to undermine or contradict another’s messages … yet, there is talk of the June solstice being the time of the great Solar Flash.
There indeed, is talk.
Like there was talk of the Comet Atlas that was going to cause such devastation and chaos … destined to happen last weekend. With the greatest of respect … I am here … still … all electricity working etc. I mean … no wonder so many cynically now, take everything with a grain of salt.
Blossom … where does your heart lie?
What do you mean?
Just that. Deep in the core of your heart … what do you feel?
Look deeper.
The door’s shut.
Open it. Walk inside.
Far out. To my absolute surprise, I saw a mass of worms all intertwined and squirming. Not what I expected at all. I thought I was going to see a rainbow sphere or something! See, what I mean?
Open the next door.
I haven’t got my wellies on and I might slip on the worms! OK. Deep breath and stretching my arm out for the latch … and … Oh! Oh! Oh! The Rainbow Land … I opened the door into the most beautiful vista of colour … a Bridge … and the biggest Rainbow. It instantly made me cryIt just feels so far away from the insanity of this world we are experiencing right now.
Yet, it is only a few doors away! KNOW THIS IN YOUR HEARTS.
Wow! You told us what is going to be happening in Phase Two. Yet … God, I am so argumentative … isn’t this happening undercover at the moment?
Indeed. Yet, not publicly … as such. There is much speculation woven in with that which is Truth and being heralded as Truth … when it is only speculation!
How I wish you could/would give us some hints.
Blossom, when the time is appropriate to do so and not one moment before … ALL WILL KNOW THAT WHICH IS TO BE KNOWN.
Meanwhile, with so much Love being sent to each one … concentrate on the Rainbow Light … watch yourselves walk over the Bridge and sit there a while, and when ready, walk back again feeling renewed and strengthened … IN THE KNOWING YOU CANNOT FAIL.
Thanks, so much Guys. Phew … who would have thought! We have been waiting so long saying ‘Bring it on!’ and now it is here, I don’t like it! I’ll turn myself around when I’ve worked through this ‘occurrence within’. I am the Love. I am the Light. I am the Truth. I AM.
A phase, Dearest Blossom, Dearest souls … just a phase!
In Gratitude, in Loving service, I AM.
*When they say ‘peak’ … I feel the entirety of the scenario as it shall be played out. I do not feel they mean phase one that we are now in, is the peak of the mess.
** I recorded a Rainbow Bridge meditation with White Cloud, which I hope to post during the week on youtube.

Sananda via James McConnell and Shoshanna, May 24th, 2020

SANANDA  (Channeled by James McConnell)
I am your Sananda.   I am here at this time to continue to assist you and guide you along the way. just as all of us have been doing.  Not only through this channel, but through many other sources as well.  As we continue to bring further understanding, so that you are more equipped to be in the higher vibrations.  That you are more prepared to be in the higher dimensional frequencies.
But in order to do that, we have been working with you diligently to bring you to the point where you begin to understand more and more that it is all about the attachments that have held you back.  It is all about the programming that holds you to this third-dimensional illusion.
And once you are able to free yourself of the programming and find yourself in that perfect moment in the NOW moment, and no longer focused on the past, and no longer looking only to the future, but being in the very perfect NOW, and in that neutral state in that now moment—that, my friends, is when you ascend.
When you are able to hold that frequency, hold that higher frequency in that now moment–that is when you find yourself not only in the Ascension process, but in the full Ascension, in that first wave of Ascension that has been spoken of.  That is what you are all being prepared for, those of you in this group, as well as all of the many other groups that are meeting across the planet, and all of the individuals that are finding the higher levels of knowings within them coming back to them.
And I say now “coming back to them,” because you have all had it before.  You have all been in the higher vibrations before.  You have all been in the higher dimensions before.  You have allowed yourselves to come down to let yourselves be brought down into this third-dimensional illusion because that was what was necessary as you volunteered to come here.
You have heard this many times.  You volunteered to come here.  You volunteered to be a part of this evolutionary process, to be able to assist those that are here, those that are not the ones that come from the stars, but those that are here.  And you are here to assist them.  To bring them into the higher vibrations with you.
Can you bring them all with you?  No.  You will not be able to do that.  But that is not up to you.  Because if you believe that you have to hold onto that understanding that you can bring everyone with you, that in itself is an attachment.  You cannot bring anyone with you that is not ready to come with you.  But understand that everyone will be accommodated, are being accommodated, in the realm that they need to be in those moments.
So just let it go.  Let it all go.  Go with the flow, as you have heard many, many times.  And just be yourself.  Do not try to be something that you are not.  Do not worry about being the savior of all of mankind, because you cannot be, unless it is destined for you to do so.
There are certain ones that rise above the rest.  Not in terms of lower or higher, but in terms of coming to a higher level of knowledge and knowing within themselves so that they can reach out to their brothers and sisters more and more.  And those of you in this group and, again, many other groups, are attempting, or are learning to do so, are remembering how to do so.  Remembering that you were, and are even, at your higher vibrational selves, you are already commanders.  You are already ambassadors and emissaries from other worlds.  You have already done that.  And you are already going to be going back to that if that is what you wish.  Because it is all about choice.
And the choices that you have, you have been held back from for so long to be able to make the choice for freedom.  And I speak now of freedom.  Freedom to make your own choices in every moment of your lives in your entire existence.  That is what free choice is.
And all of you will have that opportunity.  You have it now, but you do not yet realize that you do.  But no one can make you do anything that you do not want to do:  no one.  And that is what you have to come to understand.  Because when you do, you come into your power.  And when you come into your power, you speak that power out.  You speak the god source, the power within you out.  And no one, when they hear or feel that power coming from you, can do anything to assuage you from being who you are in that moment.
And in that power, in that moment, you can do much to assist others and to guide others into coming to their power as well.  And that, my friends, is what this Ascension process is all about, is coming to the remembering of the power within yourselves, and to assist others in coming to the power within them as well.
For it is no longer about the love of power.  It is now the power of love.  That is what this is all about.  And when you fully come to understand that, there is nothing, and I say nothing, and no thing, that can stop you.  Just as there is no thing that can stop this plan from moving forward.
All of my peace and love be with all of you.  I am Sananda, and I am always with you, just as many of the others of us are always with you.  We are here and ready to assist you, and you only need to whisper our names, and we are here with you.
Peace and love to all of you.
Channeled by James McConnell

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Bắt đầu từ nơi đâu

Lá thư Thiên đàng #263 

Thượng Đế phán:

Khi có điều gì đó không diễn ra đúng như kì vọng của con, con trông đợi một điều gì đó khác. Ta đã từng bảo con đừng kì vọng, nhưng Ta cũng bảo con hãy nhìn về phía trước. Nhìn về phía trước thì khác với việc trông đợi/kì vọng. Hãy bắt đầu với cái con muốn và con muốn chúng sẽ như thế nào và bắt đầu hành động từ đó.

Nếu con gặp vấn đề về sức khoẻ, con đang đau đớn và phải nằm bẹp trên giường, hãy bắt đầu với hình dung con muốn mình ở đâu, mạnh khoẻ và không còn phải dính chặt lấy cái giường bệnh nữa.

Đừng bắt đầu từ hoàn cảnh hiện tại của con. Chính điều đó kìm hãn con khỏi nơi con muốn đến. Nó giữ con ở lại “cái giường bệnh”.

Con phải “thoát ra” khỏi hoàn cảnh hiện tại. Trong tâm trí của mình, con phải “thoát ra”.

Nếu con đang làm việc cho một dự án, hãy bắt đầu từ điểm kết thúc. Khởi đầu dự án từ “kết quả” khi nó đã hoàn thành. Trông nó sẽ như thế nào? Con sẽ cảm thấy như thế nào?

Luôn nhìn vào điều con muốn và con mong muốn nó sẽ như thế nào. Đừng nhầm lẫn điều này với việc luôn nhìn vào thành quả. Nhìn vào thành quả là làm điều gì đó để đạt được một phần thưởng cụ thể. Đúng là sẽ có điều gì đó xảy ra đúng với điều mà con mong muốn. Nó không giống hệt như một bức ảnh. Nghĩ về điều con muốn. Giữ nó trong tâm trí. Cùng lúc đó, khi con bận rộn để tạo ra chúng, con buông bỏ kì vọng về kết quả, bởi vì con đã trở thành một phần với quá trình.

Hành động từ điểm kết thúc ngược trở lại nơi con bắt đầu, điều đó giữ con khỏi mối bận tâm về kết quả và kì vọng. Hãy khởi đầu từ đó thay vì trông đợi điều gì đó buộc phải xảy ra.

Nếu con là một người thợ làm gốm, con thực sự không nên “bắt đầu” từ khối đất sét. Con có thể chưa có một hình ảnh hay hình dung rõ ràng trong tâm trí, nhưng con có một dự cảm về một thứ tuyệt vời sẽ được tạo ra từ khối đất sét trong bàn tay của con.

Khi con cân nhắc từng bước ngay khi khởi đầu, tất cả dường như sẽ vô cùng gian khổ. Bắt đầu từ điểm kết thúc và hành động ngược trở lại là điểm khởi đầu cho mong muốn của con.

Ước muốn của con sẽ mang con đi. Khởi niệm từ nơi con muốn sẽ mang con tiến về phía trước.

Người thai phụ háo hức chờ đón đứa trẻ ra đời. Cô ấy đã yêu đứa trẻ rồi. Cô ấy có thể đã yêu đứa trẻ từ trước khi nó thành hình.

Con cũng đang ấp ủ nhiều ý tưởng. Hãy trao tình yêu cho chúng. Và khiến chúng trở thành sự thật. Nhưng đừng “gắn chặt” vào kết quả.

Đứa trẻ không nhất thiết phải là một bé trai hay một bé gái.

Ngôi nhà mơ ước của con có thể khác biệt với ngôi nhà con đã từng mơ về.
Con có thể từng ước mơ trở thành một ngôi sao điện ảnh. Và có thể con sẽ không xuất hiện trên màn ảnh rộng, hay trên Broadway (sân khấu) hay đi lưu diễn đó đây, nhưng con đã mang theo “ngôi sao” ở trong mình.

Đừng bận tâm về các vấn đề. Chúng có thể trôi qua mà không cần con. Và con thực sự không cần phải nhúng tay vào chúng. Chúng không mang lại sự thúc đẩy cho con. Chúng khiến con kiệt sức thì đúng hơn.

Ta có làm các con rối trí không? Ta nói con đừng bận tâm về điều xảy ra, và Ta nói con hãy bắt đầu từ nơi con muốn mình ở đó. Con sẽ hiểu được những điều Ta nói.
Con có rất nhiều lớp mong muốn khác nhau.

Mong muốn tận cùng của con là cho Ta. Và con sẽ có Ta cùng đầy đủ những biểu hiện huy hoàng của điều đó. Mong muốn chung của chúng ta kéo  lại gần với Ta.
Và mong muốn của con trên đường trở về cùng Ta có thể sẽ thay đổi. Không sao cả. Đơn giản là chúng đã hoàn thành mục đích của chúng, và một mong ước bị bỏ quên từ lâu sẽ xuất hiện.

Con sẽ bước qua chân trời khác. Hoặc nhiều hơn thế.

Hãy tiếp tục nhìn lên. Nhìn lên tới Ta.

Con có rất nhiều mong ước của Ta để thực hiện.

Hãy luôn giữ Ta trong tâm trí.

Chèo tới Ta, tới bờ bến mà con tìm kiếm, bởi đó là bến bờ mà Ta đã chọn cho con.
Hãy biết vì sao con làm điều đó. Hãy biết điều mình tìm kiếm. Biết giấc mơ mà con đang đi tới. Biết điều gì ở đằng sau giấc mơ của con. Hãy biết những giấc mơ sâu xa hơn. Nó còn hơn cả ý nguyện của con.

Hãy nhớ rằng con không cần phải chứng minh điều gì cả. Nếu con đi trên con đường để chứng minh điều gì đó, con đang không đi trên con đường của mình. Nhưng là đang đi theo một ai đó khác.

Con không cần phải trưng ra bất kì điều gì cả.

Hãy để cho mơ ước của con thành hiện thực trong trái tim con. Hãy để cho nó lớn lên nơi đó. Bản thân mong muốn chính là sự thoả mãn. Thoả mãn mà không có mong muốn thì không phải là thoả mãn. Nó là sự đổ vỡ. Nó chỉ là những gì còn sót lại.

Con sẽ đầy những ước mong khi con cho phép chúng. Những ước mong cất cánh khi chúng được chào đón. Hãy sống đầy ước vọng, nhưng đừng gắn chặt với kết quả. Hãy có những ước mong. Hãy nuôi dưỡng chúng. Chúng sẽ mang cuộc đời con tới Thiên Đàng.

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