Thursday, August 6, 2020

Creating | The Creator via Jennifer Farley


Each of you have had experiences that shaped your reality in unimaginable ways…especially recently.  You may be longing for a moment that happened in another place/time or longing for something you have never experienced.  The Universe would like to remind you that you are continually in the process of creating and can manifest any situation you choose.  Your thoughts, words and actions affect how it is presented to you.  Yes, you will have your human moments but, there is also great joy in living!  Embrace the positive and know you are being supported every step of the way.

~ Creator

All That Awaits You

God said:

Now I talk to you personally, Gloria.

First things first. Attend to Me before you attend to emails. Attend to Me before you attend to the details that await you. They will wait. I too will wait of course, but I am gently reminding you that you cannot attend to everything, so make two or three priorities and attend to them. Let others sift themselves, as they will.

You certainly have learned you do not need to orchestrate everything in the world. You know you do not orchestrate others. Now know that you do not need to orchestrate even your email. No longer orchestrate yourself.

Leave emails unanswered. That will be a good experience for you. You think you have to answer every one. That is control. Do not even control yourself and the details that you think affect your life. Like everything else, they only affect as you think they do.

Do not even read all the emails that come to you.

I will change My mind on what I said a moment ago. Have one priority, not two or three. You know what it is. It is to serve My Will. Your venue is Heavenletters. Concern yourself with Heavenletters and not so much with the individuals who receive them. Let My words be enough. I am the Father of Heavenreaders. You are not the mother of them.

Acknowledge in your heart that this is so. When you think individuals need you, that is your need to be needed.

You are indeed needed, but only by Me. What you are to others is extraneous to your life and to theirs. No one needs you but Me.

It is not that I need, you understand. I need nothing for Myself. I only need to give to you, and I give you a great blessing with My Words. My Words that you pass on are My blessing. You are insignificant in this. You are a cipher. That is a great ambition. That is what you want to be, simply merged with Me.

You acknowledge that the Godwriting workshops are My gifts to other souls whose hearts reach out to Mine. You are like an appointment book. You write down the names of those who are to come, and you are there like a chalkboard, that's all. I write on you, and those who attend hear Me, and I honor them. You are an organizer and an introducer of Me, and that is good enough.

You do not need others to remind you of you and your place in My world. You need to forget yourself, and that means not making the details that surround you important.

As you become more and more centered in Me, you will not overlook people. You will simply see them more in the Truth of My light which is theirs. You will know Who takes care of them, and what your role is. You are like a hinge on a door. You are not the door, and yet you move so that all may come through the door.

Enjoin your heart less with others and more with Mine.

This does not mean you sit and converse with Me all day. It means you focus on the tasks at hand that I give you. You drop envelopes into a mailbox for Me. You know they will be received. Once sent, you are done. And you go to get more envelopes to send.

Consider yourself like one of Santa's elves. Hammer away. Go about your business. The elves do not conjure up the names of those who receive the gifts. They do not tally. They simply produce. Tap, tap, tap, go their little hammers.

Tap, tap, tap, go the keys of your computer, and I am enriched on the earth.

I am telling you the position of your heart. Your heart belongs with Me, Gloria, and not so much on Earth.

The 9D Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, August 6th 2020

The Lions Gate Portal & Higher-Dimensional Energies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

the lions gate portal & higher dimensional energies - the 9th dimensional arcturian council - channeled by daniel scranton, channeler of archangel michael

The Lions Gate Portal & Higher-Dimensional Energies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been summoning lots of energies on your behalf from the higher dimensional planes. Beings, collectives, all the different energies throughout this universe, are focusing on humankind at this time, but there are those of us who focus a bit more on you, and we have become the experts on what would serve humanity the most. And that is why we feel qualified to summon energies on your behalf.

There are some beautiful collectives in the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth dimensions that we have been working with, that we have been channeling and connecting with telepathically. And we have arranged for these energies to come to you at a time when you not only feel the need for some energetic and vibrational support, but this is also a time when you expect more energies to flow to you from throughout the galaxy and the universe.

We are talking about the opening of the Lions Gate Portal. We know that this is a time when many individuals there on Earth who want to be of service are expecting to receive a bit more. And when you do that, you align yourselves with these beautiful and powerful energies. You align yourselves and you open yourselves up to receive, and all of the energies that you have been summoning for yourselves and for the human collective can then run through you, as you are the conduits. You are the ones who have readied yourselves for these energies to flow through you.

When you take care of your physical bodies, you make yourselves better vessels, better vehicles, better at receiving the higher-dimensional, higher-frequency energies that are coming to you at this time to support you, to ground you, and to get you to feel more stable, secure, and heart-centered. And as always, it is up to you whether you are going to receive these transmissions, and it is up to you what you will do once these energies have landed.

The work is not going to be done for you, but you will always be supported, especially when you are looking to be of service. And we know that so many of you who receive these transmissions are looking to be of service. It is in these moments that you are being called forth. You are being summoned, and you the ones who are the perfect candidates, because you know about the world you want to co-create. You might not all agree on what’s happening in the world right now, and who is responsible, and what it’s all about, but you can unite under the flag of now knowing more than ever what you want to co-create there on Earth and how you want people to live freely and with health and well-being.

So we recommend that you begin now to focus on opening up to these energies that are coming in. They are bigger and more powerful than anything you’ve ever experienced there on Earth before. Be ready to transform yourselves and transform your planet into the paradise that it can be and that we know you will make it with our help and with the help of even more higher-dimensional beings.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Linda Dillon: Archangel Jophiel – What Lies Ahead in this Intergalactic/Galactic Portal Called Terra Gaia?

August 6, 2020

Greetings, I AM Jophiel. Yes, Bringer of the Grail, Anchor and Keeper of Unity and Balance, explorer of the omniverse. And part of what I do, beloveds, on behalf of you but particularly on behalf of the Mother/Father/One is I work with the balance between the universes; I work with the balance between your dimensions; I work with the balance between your fields, your bodies, your heart, your mind, your soul. And in that balance is the unity. And in that balance and unity is the fullness of reunion. For truly, what is this unfoldment all about? It is about the balancing. It is about the unity within and without, above and below, that you can be in the fullness of reunion… not a singular reunion, most certainly a reunion with your sacred self, but a reunion in the unity with your star family. Everything is in place. A reunion so that you truly come to understand, as Nova Gaians, that you are part and parcel, integral, not only to your universe, not only to the multiverse but to the Mother’s infinite whole.

We have given you many tools and examples that it is a puzzle, it is a tapestry, it is a mosaic. But you don’t simply take threads or pieces of mosaic and just throw them anywhere. No, there is a harmony, there is an infinite beauty… your beauty, your balance. And this is what you are not aiming for, this is where you are. And your greatest challenge is the acceptance, the anchoring, the surrender to who you are, both in the unique beauty of your sacred self, of your room, of your home, of your neighborhood, of your planet, because it is only in that acceptance and surrender that you step forth… we say claiming your ascension, claiming your sacred self.

Too often on this beautiful earth, Gaia, claiming has taken on a sense of self-entitlement, of pushing, and shoving, and abuse of control. Claiming is not that… it is knowing, knowing, living, embodying the perfect balance of who you are. One of the reasons that I… enjoy is too small a word… I am passionate about exploring the universes is that there is so much to see, yes, to help with, yes, to help balance and unify, but primarily, it is so darn beautiful. Everything! You are part of that infinite creation that is being unified and restored… this planet, like the Mother’s garden.

Can you imagine your planet without an ocean, or a stream, a blade of grass, a pebble, a kernel of sand, without clouds and sky? You are just as much a part of that… that beauty, that splendor, that diversity, that variety… it is you! And that is why I am bringing my attention back to you, so that this time of completion, not of being stuck in the womb, not of muttering about when or if, but to truly be in the time of completion as who you are.

So, I am coming, no, not to rearrange but most certainly to hold up the mosaic, the tapestry, so that you can see simply by looking, say, “Oh, there is my place”, and you can swim through the Mother’s infinite ocean of time, you can fly with your angel wings, your jet-pack, your fairy wings, it matters not. It is not just about finding your place and saying, “Oh, thank god I’m home!” And your home for the moment, all of you to whom I speak, is on planet, in form… let me be extraordinarily clear about that.

But it is not just about finding home, it is about being home in the most personal, private way, and in the biggest way that you can possibly imagine. And when you have integrated, anchored, when you have your home, then I will say to you, “Let’s go visiting. Let’s go traveling. Let’s discover this interdimensional world that you live in. Let us create, not a planet as it was for the Creator Race, but so far beyond… because that was the beginning point.” So, yes, you’ve already brought yourselves back to that.

Now I say to you, “Claim, surrender to the truth of who you are. Anchor your balance, and then let us create together, with the Mother, with Her tutelage. Let us look at what lies ahead in this intergalactic/galactic portal called Terra Gaia. The future awaits you, oh yes, but let me tell you my beloved friends, the future is now.

So, breathe magenta, breathe violet, breathe amethyst, breathe the Milky Way, breathe the Healers of Tralana, breathe your essential, not only essence but potential. And turn to me, for I am with you. Let us go together, yes, the Mighty Five are at your beck and call! And you are so loved, not in a generic, wholesome way, but personally, uniquely. Not only are you known… oh yes, you are known… but you are cherished, and honored, and admired. I would not be speaking to you this way if you were not ready for this fullness, for this recreation, and the new creation.


Mira from the Pleiadian High Council via Valerie Donner | August 3, 2020

A message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council channeled through Valerie Donner 

Greetings: I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.

I bring you great tidings from the Earth Council and all beings of light. We recommend you take a few deep breaths and let go of the stress and the chaos present on the planet.

We understand how you could feel saturated with all of the chaos and change right now.  We ask you to loosen up your bodies, minds, hearts and souls. You have been staying in place for too long.

This is the time when you need to reach out to each other to show your caring and concern. So much is going to be revealed to you in the very near future and much is going to be asked of you. Yes, you need to shake off the fear, let go of the isolation, and open your hearts.

You are here for the great awakening. The Earth has had enough and so have you. She is ready and is moving into the fifth dimension and higher. She will no longer be patient with the dark energies. She is in need of cleansing and should be honored for her power and her glory. Like you, she needs to shake it off and that is what she is in the process of doing. This is not to instill fear but it is to show you how powerful the Earth is.

The Earth is being held steady in her place and is getting ready to be moved in your solar system, galaxy and universe. This will bring forth the necessary changes for her survival as well as yours. In fact, you will be living in the glory of the new Earth and the beauty of creation.

These are the final days of living in the old material world. You will be uplifted along with the Earth. Your consciousness is rising and this is what will allow you to be a part of the new. Please do whatever you can now to release the old that has been holding you back. This applies to old wounds, memories that no longer serve you, and anything that is lowering your vibration. You must not let it have a hold on you anymore.

Think about how it will feel to be free of the encumbrances that you’ve carried around, not just in this incarnation, but in many others. When you let it go, let it go for good and do not bring it back. None of the old memories, slights or concerns, are who you are.

You are masterful, powerful beings of light with many gifts and abilities that you are about to use in ways that you never could have imagined. Some of you will begin speaking languages that you did not know you had within. You will create beauty and art as an expression of the love in your heart. Some will play beautiful music and others will dance to it. You will be surrounded in joy, love, and play. Your lives will have new meaning. We will all be involved in the resurrection of the New Earth.

Technologies will be available to everyone without expense. They will be simple and easy to use and will improve your lives. You will heal the bodies, bring forth new teachings, and be doing the work that you were intended to do. You will live in peace, harmony, joy, and balance. The Earth will be restored to her pristine beauty. There will be abundant healing throughout the planet.

We love and admire you. You shall be set free.

I am Mira