Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The 9D Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton - September 22, 2020

 The Equinox, Activations & the Events ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

The Equinox, Activations & the Events ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very satisfied with the way that you all have been opening yourselves up to the energies of the equinox. You have upon you, at this time, an opportunity to bring more love, to bring more Source Energy, to bring more of who you really are, to every interaction and to every moment in your lives. This is a time to be grounded, open, and heart centered, a time to receive the energies that are upon you, to let them in, let them fill you up, and let them activate you.

You always hear beings and collectives talking about activations, but what are they, exactly? They are like light switches that you have inside of you. All you have to do is know how to flip the switch, and there will be more light. That’s where higher-dimensional beings come in for all of you. We remind those of you who are willing to pay attention that you already have everything that you want inside of you. We can help you remember. We can help you to access gifts and abilities.

And we can certainly encourage you to be more heart centered, to be more of your true selves, and that is what we do. That is why you like us so much. That is why some of you come back again and again for these transmissions. We don’t tell you exactly what is going to happen and when, and yet you keep coming back. You come back because we remind you of what you already are, what you already have inside of you. We, and the other collectives and beings like us, just want you to feel all of the energies that are available to you, because we know that you will benefit from them, and you will grow.

We very selfishly want to witness you become more of who you are. We want to see you be Source Energy in action, because we now that you can do so much more. And we all want the front row seats to that event. You all have events happening inside of you. You don’t have to wait for a solar event. You don’t have to wait to any kind of event to give you greater access to what is inside of you. You just need to keep paying attention to the smaller events that are happening all the time, bringing you closer and closer to the fifth dimension.

We are here to remind you, and you are there to receive. It is time. You are ready, and you have so much support, even more than you could possibly imagine. So please do continue to follow your feelings to the next activation, and the next, and the next, and please know that we will always exist to light you up, to turn you on, to give you more of what’s already inside of you. 

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Mother God and Alisheryia via Galaxygirl | September 21, 2020


Mother God & Alisheryia 9/21/2020

Dear children, this is your Mother God. For many eons you have trained for such a time as this, when energies churn within hearts upon Gaia. It is a topsy-turvy time, or so it seems to those upon Gaia in this now moment. All is in divine order. All is in divine timing. The Divine is blessing this process with more light, with more love. You are seeing the final scene in the play when all appears to be lost just before the plot twists are revealed and the hero has his welcome. And yet dear children of my heart, you are already home for you are here with me. 

We are home together. The energies are rising so fast that the dark is trying to pull them down again. This is what you are seeing, this discord. It need not be your discord. You can choose your vibrational level of experience and float above, observing, holding steady, holding strong in the light. Your family and friends largely do not know what you know and perhaps are not yet ready to hear any of it. But they are ready to feel your peaceful presence, your kind words and the soothing effect that they have. The world is ready for your light, the light is ready for your world. Many star systems of star systems and federations of federations are watching, are helping, are loving you from where they are to where you are. The gap is bridged. Intergalactic emissaries of the light, royalty, children of my heart, you are all of these things.

Now is not the time to buckle to the outer chaos, but rather to hold strong and steady, standing tall, chin up and facing the storm. (I am seeing lightening bolts in a fierce thunderstorm). Children, see how the light churns the darkness. In every part of the cloud the light is seen and felt. The electricity charges the particles and they are left changed. Your light changes all who are around you, for their betterment and joy, whether they want that or not, although many do. Many of my children have become so enmeshed within the drama of the play that they forgot they are the participant and audience at the same time and they forgot that the grand play is in my lap. The dark have fallen so far that it is decreed by the Divine, your Father and I, for this scene to end early so that suffering is minimized. 

Those who you see in power are but faces now of a hidden strength of light unfolding. My presence is full embodied upon your Gaia now in many prominent and hidden workers of light and love, of political power, of justices, and not all is as it seems. It is true that many if not most of your leaders have sordid pasts, for that was the way to climb to power, one had to be crooked within a crooked system. But the light is straightening this out into a beautiful and wonderful new world and new energies to match. Do not fall for what is being laid out for you to believe. See objectively with inner wisdom of one whose eyes have seen truth and recognize it. Send light to the rest. Send love to those who are stuck within the drama.

I am your Mother God. The divine feminine is rising now upon Gaia, for she herself is fully ascended. You are seeing the shadow world break apart into smoke for as the light turns up the heat all will be revealed and all will have the chance to ascended further either within the body or move along to another similar reality to explore a similar vibration where they can experience the armageddon they desire to create.

I wish for you to know how very proud I am of my children. You reading these words have excelled, have been so steadfast in this whole process. I am so thankful and grateful for you. I kiss your foreheads with the tenderest of love. I am your Mother God.

I Alisheryia am speaking. I work closely with the Mother of All Things. She breathes onto me igniting my fire, restoring my passion and purpose. It is the time of the divine healing of the divine feminine and the wounded masculine. Elthor is my divine masculine counterpart. We have many hatchlings together in many realities. We are balanced, one, but it was not always so. Many of you are experiencing various degrees of pain, healing and reunion with your twins or preparing for this in the astral realms when you sleep and subconsciously. For the yin and the yang, the divine dance is one that innately all long for. The twin soul is another aspect of you, and yet you are complete in yourself, a divine mystery. That which you seek is within. When you are inwardly balanced you will naturally be prepared for the other balanced aspect of you. Balance is coming to this realm and the light bearers are bringing it. The light is cleansing all that no longer serves. All will serve the light for all is light in various processes of remembering.

I Alisheryia am speaking. I breathe fire upon your crown igniting you to be brave in the coming moments. I breathe fire upon your eyes igniting them with deeper insight and clear vision. Do not be hoodwinked by the magicians of your TV screens. Remember truth lies within. It is time for rest and healing now. Soon it will be time for energy and action. Utilize the moments the universe presents for rest to rest. Just as hatchlings fall over walking when tired, so too do weary warriors require rest. Ask me and I shall surround you with my blue wings. Feel the divine feminine in dragon form. Feel the heartbeat of the Mother of All Things for her heartbeat is my own. It is the rhythm of this universe and beyond. We serve the light.

I Alisheryia am speaking. You are well prepared, warrior, friend, ally. Human one, you are much more than you know. Peace.

~ galaxygirl

Linda Dillon: Kuthumi – You are Here to BE! September 22, 2020


This is not only a time of rebirth, of reconstitution. It is also a time of revelation – revelation of the nature of Gaia, of Earth as an intergalactic waystation, an angelic waystation, a planetary earthkeeper waystation… Beautiful, in all its diversity!

This beautiful gem is lovingly shared by Elle from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Kuthumi ~ You are Here to BE!

[Laughter] Greetings, I AM Kuthumi.

Elle: Oh beloved, I’m so happy!

K: Yes, for you have felt me and, yes, the room has been quite full with your beloved, with Belle’Anna, with Sylvianna, with Gabrielle and Mi-ka-el and Heaven knows who else… oh, Serapis Bey is very present as well, as is St. Germaine… of course, your and my beloved brother, Jesus Sananda/Yeshua, the Magdalena… for we come this day not only to bring felicitations, jubilations, congratulations on your human solar return but also to hug you, to embrace you, to sustain you, to uplift you, to honour you… and dearest heart, to simply be with you.

Think of it in this way. This room, your room, your country, her country, this planet is filled with pillars of light, anchors of love. Yes, some are small, some are gigantic, anchored deep within the heart of Mother Gaia, bringing forth and anchoring the truth not only of what it means to be human and part of the collective, not only what it means to be Nova Gaian, but what it means to simply BE… because, is that not the heart of the matter!

It is not and it never has been about BEing this or that, inhabiting this or that form, this or that mystery, this or that reality, for these are but costumes. These are but experiences that you try on for the magical ball where everyone is masked until midnight. But what I am saying to thee is it is not only the clock striking midnight or a minute after midnight. It is well after midnight and the masks have and are being removed.

Yes, there are those who are overly cautious, and those who are reticent to be revealed, and those who wish to cling to their masks because it gives them the countenance or the visage that they wish. It doesn’t matter. Because this is not only a time of rebirth, of reconstitution. It is also a time of revelation – revelation of the nature of Gaia, of Earth as an intergalactic waystation, an angelic waystation, a planetary earthkeeper waystation… Beautiful, in all its diversity!

The majesty of this planet is unparalleled. And I do not simply mean the majesty of her physical beauty, which is phenomenal. I mean the majesty of her being! And she is holding and has held herself for so long to teach the humans how to simply BE. Now, the kingdoms, the elementals, the elements, the star beings, they have learned this… and, of course, in knowing this and in holding this energy, they have contributed to the vibration that says, “You are here to BE.”

What is curious so often about the humans is that they think that to simply BE – a state which you have perfected, dearest heart – is that they think that this means no movement, no action, no doing, no nothing, and it is the contrary! To them it is counterintuitive when, in fact, it is the most intuitive, natural state of all!

But for a very long time these humans have filled up their minds, and more sadly their hearts, with thinking that doing is achieving, is serving, but it comes from a sense of lack of self-worth and lack of self-acknowledgment. But this is shifting. And my beloved friend, what you have been doing is BEing, and you are holding and transmitting and communicating that energy to billions of people.

And of course, beloved, you do it on behalf of your gigantic universal self – that is the being that you have been witnessing – but you also do it on behalf of me, of us, of ‘our’… You do it on behalf of your intergalactic family. You do it on behalf of the Mother. So it is not merely that you have been cocooned. You have been positioned. And in that, I fully mean that you have positioned yourself with us as well so that you may do what your heart desires, that you may prepare – and you have prepared – for what lies ahead.

Because as you have seen in your lucid dream – what you have thought was a lucid dream – change can be elongated and experienced over what human beings think of as time, but what you have seen in your marriage preparation is that it can also occur in a microsecond! And that cannot take place if you are not within not only your sacred framework but within the sacred framework.

So, beloved, we come not only to wish you Happy Birthday and felicitations. We come to say “well done!” and that we are with you in joy, in love. And that is what you are holding. It is the joy that has been forgotten on planet. Without hope and joy, people do not see the point in progressing, in fully engaging, not only with us – we are secondary! – but engaging with themselves and with their own being so that they, too, may BE.

E: Would you like this posted and shared?

K: Yes!

E: Okay, thank you so much. I have missed speaking with you like this and am joy-filled just knowing you are forever close by.

K: I am as close as your skin, the hair follicles on your arm, your head, as you well know! [Laughing]

E: Will you come again?

K: Yes, now is our time!

E: Yes, the Golden Time!

K: The Golden Time of the Golden Flame, of the Golden Grid, of the Golden Crown, of the Golden Age. It is not tedious. It is not hard. This is what humans got wrong. It is a joy-walk! It is not trudging along.

Yes, sometimes when you proceed, you feel like walking in quietude so that you can feel the earth, the sand, the rocks beneath your feet… so that you can smell the sea and hear the lapping of the waves, the quiet, and the song of the birds. Sometimes you feel like skipping, of doing cartwheels and jumping for joy, and sometimes you feel like running flat-out! But it was never intended to be trudging along.

Think of it. This life is really the actual, most phenomenal, supreme birth-day-present. It is not a sack of woes; it is not a burden. It is a birth–day–present to be enjoyed, to be embraced with glee, yes, with multiple expressions.

And sometimes that journey, that walk, you just want to sit down, whether it is on a mountainside, in a meadow, or next to the water. You just want to sit and revel in the fact that you are actually here – that not only have you chosen yourself but that the Mother has chosen you. And as you sit there, you are anchoring this mighty pillar of light!

Does it really get any better? …

Go with my love, sweet one. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

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Daily Teachings of the Masters | September 21, 2020


Monday, September 21, 2020

Be pleased and excited.

Now is the time of true acquittal.

Trust your higher aspirations, where you are heading as you choose love.

Trust this with all heart.

Now is the time of potential realities.

Trust this.


Monday, September 21, 2020

Others' Thoughts


God said:

Gratitude swells your heart. Less than gratitude depletes it. But give not so much gratitude to other people because that puts you in the position of owing. Gratitude goes to Me. It is good to remember that because it keeps you neutral.

You owe no one anything. It is well to stop thinking that you owe. You are under obligation to no one. When you surpass this thought, then you will no longer feel that another is obligated to you. When you surpass this one thought of owing, then you will no longer be in servitude, and individuals will no longer exert power over you. Their ego will no longer influence you.

You may think no one exerts power over you, but you give power to others constantly. The power and the glory are Mine. Yet you exalt others. You think they have something to do with you. You think they have the power to ration you to yourself. You give them the authority to incur value on you or to take it away. You think they are a tailor who fits a suit to you, and they have authority to take the measure of you.

Do not give away yourself so much. You fool yourself because you give yourself for naught.

You belong to no one but Me. I have say over you, no one else. Do not attribute to others what they do not have.

All the regard you give to others' opinions, give to Me. You have made other people your idols. That must be so or you would not be so affected by their thoughts. Nothing concerning you depends upon their thoughts. Their thoughts are meaningless. Their negative thoughts bequeath no more to you than their positive ones. Their thoughts have nothing to do with you. Their thoughts are their thoughts, that's all, but My children tend to see others' thoughts as sacrosanct. You let others' thoughts add to you or take away from you, that you are more, or you are less, depending upon how someone sees you at the moment.

But that is judging yourself as one who has little merit on his own, and that is far from the truth of you.

And, in the same vein, that is how you judge others. Whenever you judge, you are viewing through the world's eyes and not Mine. Better to look through My eyes than all the eyes in the world.

Despair comes from looking at life through the jaded eyes of the world. You must know that by now.

Have original thoughts. Have thoughts in freedom. Free yourself from others' thoughts. Free yourself from your own. You rehash and rehash your thoughts. They are old.

There is an expression: "Who put that thought into your head?"

That is a wise expression. Someone put useless thoughts into your head, and it was not I.

Where do your thoughts come from? Who put them there? Where have you heard them before? Who says them? I ask you now, who put those thoughts into your head?

You are often mimicking what someone uttered long ago in a passage of time. Their thoughts were irrelevant then, and they are irrelevant now, and yet you adhere to them. Now release yourself from others' thoughts and the sway they hold over you. And release others from your thoughts of them as well.

Casual thoughts are casual thoughts. They are not significant to your life. They are not true gold. You know how gold makes you feel. When you feel less than gold, you have accepted counterfeit. Less than truth does not serve you. Know the truth of you now, and relinquish the lesser thoughts you have adopted from the imitative world.

Your life is not to be measured in how the world reacts to you. Your life is not dependent upon others' estimations of you. Nor is your life to be spent solely in responding to others' estimations. How much has your life been a response to a grade put upon you?

Another's opinion is not meant to be the hand that rocks your boat.

How far can you go when you are at the mercy of others' thoughts in regard to you or anything? How far around your course can you go?

Find out what is meaningful to you and keep it in mind. Do not let your ideas be dislodged so easily.

Even when it comes to choosing a color fabric for your living-room, you can be onslaughted with opinions, and how much do the opinions mean? It is easy for someone to toss off an opinion which is only their thought of the moment. However qualified they may be, they are not you. You know more about you than anyone else. Depend more on what you know and less on others' choices for you.

What are experts but those who have strong opinions and reference for them? But even interior designers have different opinions. They do not always see eye-to-eye. Why should you bank on anyone else's thought to the degree that you do?

You grew up with experts. When you were a child, everyone knew more than you did. But now you are no longer a child, and you know you were not always fed the truth. The intent of the people who surrounded you may not have been in question, or it may have been. But now you know that everyone has his own agenda, and his own ideas to prove or have seconded. When you bounce to someone else's idea, you have reinforced them, but not yourself.

No one knows more about the soul of you than you do. No one can listen to your heartbeat as closely as you can. And yet you listen so closely to others' hearts and minds.

Be strong in your truth today. You are a viable valuable Human being. I created you this way and not another way. I am not telling you to be headstrong. I am telling you to listen to your own heart song. Consider your thoughts and feelings as valuable as someone else's, that's all.

Ask yourself what you want to spend your life on. Your answer cannot be the pats and pans of others.