Saturday, July 21, 2018

Rise to the Occasion of Your Heart

Heavenletter #6387 Published on: July 22, 2018

God said:
Beloved, the heart comes before the intellect. Does this disappoint you? I am the Heart of the Matter, not the intellect. The world seems to weigh in the favor of the intellect. Oh, sure, the heart can be maudlin and all that, yet the heart and consideration for all come before the intellect.
You have heard Me say: “Love your brother as your Self.”
You have not heard Me say: “Love your intellect as your Self.”
By all means, why not enjoy the intellect, yet never have I said that it is of the utmost to love the intellect with all your might.
I will go so far as to say to you that, had your heart always been left to its own vision and never been interfered with, it would well be on straighter than it often seems to be now.
As it is, you may give away too much of your heart, or you may hold your heart back too much. Likely, you go back and forth and left and right and are hard-pressed to get your heart on what you might call straight, that is, to be a natural heart as I made it without interference from one thing or another.
As it is, your natural generosity may have been contorted. Your heart’s natural appearance may have been imposed upon. The human heart isn’t intended to be interrogated nor to represent a consensus of the world. The human heart isn’t to be a hairdo that is to be given a permanent wave. There is no specificity that arises in Godwriting across the board.
Let go of the idea that the heart or anything is obligated to reveal itself only one correct way. There is actually only one natural way for your heart to reveal itself, and that’s the way it is.
What is natural in nature except as nature happens to reveal? Is blonde hair better than red or black? Human Beings have their favorites. Favorites may come and go in style – here today and gone tomorrow.
May freedom ring. Yes, please, beloved, let freedom ring.
Nature prefers what it prefers. What nature prefers is fairly clear. What the world prefers goes up and down according to a moment’s thought, perhaps not even a moment’s thought; more like a moment’s whim.
When it comes to God and nature as they matter to date, the sun invariably rises in the east and sets in the west. Nature goes by its own accord and doesn’t waffle.
There is consistency in nature, and typically nature doesn't charge a fee based on a profit motive.
You might say that a flood or earthquake could cost you your life. This happens. Mostly the sun shines through the leaves, the sun warms you and the winds cool you, and of course, the night comforts you after the sun goes down.
Life generally offers you its best, by far. You may not always see it this way. Regardless, it’s a good idea that you stop a moment to say: “Thank You, God!” This is to remind yourself of God’s grace and bounty and all the beauty I do generously bestow upon all.
There are mulberries to pick in season and all kinds of fruit to gather and other delicious crops to pick. There are plenty of opportunities to pick one blessing after another.
Sometimes, bend down to thank God for the fun of it.
Today, thank God for a blue sky. Tomorrow, thank God for a cloudy sky or even a thunderclap out of the blue.

The Arcturians via Daniel Scranton, July 21st, 2018

Advanced E.T. Technologies ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We have begun to look into a particular timeline that is available to humanity, and this timeline may be of greater service to you and to the rest of the universe as well. In this particular that is available to you, the human collective consciousness would continue on its current rate of evolution, and you would also receive some assistance on the physical level from extra-terrestrial beings.
Now, as many of you are certainly aware, you have already received a tremendous amount of help from extra-terrestrial beings. However, not only is not everyone aware of this help, but the help has not been evenly distributed among you. Some are benefitting more than others, and this was by design. You all needed a great deal of polarity to give yourselves the experiences that you wanted and needed to have.
And now there is great consideration being made around leveling the playing field. So this decision is not up to us, but we are exploring it so that we can make our recommendations to the physical extra-terrestrials who would actually give you all that help on the physical level. You are getting more and more excited all of the time about connecting with your extra-terrestrial brothers and sisters, and yet there is still quite a bit of fear because of the advanced technologies that they possess.
Many humans don’t like the idea of beings they don’t know, and were unaware of, suddenly joining the human collective, and they also don’t like the fact that there would need to be a certain amount of trust to peacefully coexist with these beings. So if this timeline is the one that you all choose, together, collectively, it will be one that forces many individuals to face those fears and to trust in the unknown.
Right now, we are seeing that trusting in the unknown is quite beneficial to all of you. And so, we are leaning toward making that recommendation that you go down that particular timeline. We believe in you, and we believe in your ability to handle the fears, as well as the advanced technologies.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Messages from the Angels via Ann - 07/21/2018

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You've heard it so many times, "Be as a child to enter the kingdom of heaven." Children, before they learn otherwise, trust themselves. They speak their mind innocently. They move towards what feels good and move away from what does not. They love to share their gifts with others, and yet they honor themselves. In a natural state of being, you would too.

Many of you, however, have been trained out of your natural state of being
. You were taught to be wary of life or to be too trusting, rather than trusting your own feelings and instincts. You were taught to censor what you say and over analyze what you think. You learned to interpret people's words rather than intuitively feel their truth or falsehood. Many of you have been talked out of pursuing your passions and talked into being "responsible," instead of responding to self.

Delightfully, many of you are striving to return to your natural state of being! You are striving to live, speak, and act more authentically. You are reconnecting with your passions and preferences, worrying less about reacting to the world and more about responding to the subtle urgings of your own hearts. We are excited for you. You are freeing yourself from the world's conditioning and enjoying the joy that comes from listening to your own spirit. 

Each one of you has an internal guidance system, that if allowed to function naturally, will guide you into a joyful, abundant, and loving existence. You need only to do what comes naturally. 

At first, you may not even know what feels natural because you have been rewarded for doing what others want and 'punished' when you don't. It may take time to reconnect with your own heart. 

Take a moment now. Put your hand on your heart. Breathe deeply. Ask yourself, "Heart what do you want in this moment?" Trust the first thought, feeling, impression, or words that you get. Listen to that. It is the still small, voice of God rising up from within you!

In time, you will learn to "be as little children," doing what feels natural at any given moment, speaking without censorship and with kind innocence, and trusting life's journey. In time you will learn to listen to the Divine as it arises within you, to move with the movements of your hearts, and to place more value on your joy now, rather than sacrificing it for perceived joy later. 

You are all innocent dear ones. The urgings in your heart, be they for a new career or a cup of coffee at this moment are there for a reason. The desire to talk to a stranger is there for a reason. Your longings and your upsets are there for a reason. Pay attention to them. What feels joyful now is joyful now. What does not feel good now, is not good now. 

As you learn to pay attention to and trust your instincts you will learn that the Divine has been whispering within you all along, "I love you. I am here for you. I am you."

God Bless You! We love you so very much. 
-- The Angels

Friday, July 20, 2018


JULY 20, 2018

"If there is one event that is occurring – and occurring not in some distant future but in your definition of right now – it is the heart opening. … This heart opening is essential to the forward thrust and to the dramatic changes that are underway. If there is a singular event that we would ask all humans to pay attention to, this would be it! It would be this grand flowering."

At Archangel Michael’s behest, Earthbound Star Soul shares this uplifting gem from his personal reading with Linda on July 17, 2018.
Archangel Michael: Greetings! I am Michael.
EBSS: Greetings, Michael!
AAM: Welcome, dearest friend, ally, brother, and I welcome you to this Council and to this circle of service to our beloved Mother.
The rate of change upon your planet and within the lives and hearts, the existence, of every person, every realm, every situation is so rapid, so deep, so intense that it can hardly be tracked! The changes are pervasive, and whether they are acknowledged or not makes no difference at all because this is the energy that is sweeping each and every one of you – the entire planet.
And if there is one event that is occurring – and occurring not in some distant future but in your definition of right now – it is the heart opening.
When love is fully anchored and blossoming, there is no room for hatred or greed or violence, for cruelty, for abuse of authority, and this is a necessary part of the creation of Nova Earth. So many in various segments, including lightworker/loveholder communities, have been caught in this paradigm of retribution, of “us and them, and we’re going to fix them, and we’re going to show them, and we’re going to punish them.”
Since when, in what reality, would this ever be of love? And where does forgiveness and compassion and the understanding of your own… and I mean “the own” collective… their injuries, their missteps?
This heart opening is essential to the forward thrust and to the dramatic changes that are underway. If there is a singular event that we would ask all humans to pay attention to, this would be it! It would be this grand flowering. You may think of it as ascension or ascending; you may think of it as the beginning of enlightenment; you may think of it as interdimensionality. It matters not.
What it is about is changing from the old, which so many have clung to, to the new which is of love. And there are many descriptions inside that love – yes, such as peace and humility and compassion and forgiveness and prudence. You all came equipped. You all came with the essential awareness, willingness, preparedness to undergo this heart opening, this shift – not away from who you are but into the fullness, the grace, the beauty of who you really are.
This is underway – and we will not slow it down – and it is already moving at the speed of love!
So I ask you to share this, at least this first part.
EBSS: Oh, I figured that!
AAM: Now, why do I tell you this, other than the fact that you are a dear, dear friend? I tell you this because this is also where the healing lies: in the love, literally, as if it is a silk purse. Inside that silk purse lies the healing, lies the reconstitution, lies the compassion and the ability to let go enough for the healing to occur.
Yes, your healing is underway and, yes, your healing has been slow. You have this expression “slow as molasses in January” – well, your healing has been even slower! And yes, the acupuncture and the cupping has most certainly helped and will continue to help, but it is also this shift in the paradigm of what it means to be human.
When the Mother designed – yes, of course, your unique, beautiful self – but also when She designed, shall we say, the human model, the prototype [chuckles], it was not meant to suffer pain, to become debilitated and decrepit. It was intended to be a vessel of unique beauty, just like all those works of art that you are so happily gazing at, that give you such joy.
Every human being is intended to be a work of art, a vessel of sacred beauty!
Now, it is true, one can look at an ancient yew tree and see the gnarls and the twists of the branches, and in that see the endurance and the seasons and the history, and the determination to continue on. So you would not look at such a yew tree and say, “Oh, that is terribly [debilitated?]. Let’s cut it down and burn it.”
In all things, even for those that believe themselves to be debilitated, gnarled, bent, crooked, there is a beauty and it isn’t simply a beauty of survival. It is a beauty that tells the tale of patience and prudence and endurance and compassion, determination and also commitment – commitment to the Mother and commitment to love.
But in the new paradigm, what you think of as dis-ease disappears. No, it does not disappear overnight because there are many transitions in place, but basically what you are seeing is the disappearance of what you have come to think of as the old diseases and the new ones. Now, how and why does that happen?
Think of pharma-industry, and also think of Gaia who has always provided absolutely everything that is needed to right any condition. Often, someone will get a disease or have a disease – which is usually mentally and emotionally based – but they get a disease, and part of the under-purpose of that is that they will reconnect with Gaia and receive the healing of Gaia. You, yourself, with your strong emotional/spiritual ties to the mountains know the power of that healing.
But what of these grand pharma companies? When you have this heart opening of billions and billions of people – and we are just using pharma as an example, by the way – when you have this heart opening, the desire, the modus operandi, the operating philosophy of ensuring that disease continues in order to make billions of dollars, changes.
It is a grand mistake or misunderstanding to believe that everyone who works in pharma is malign; that is of course not true. Are there some greedy individuals abusing authority in positions of power? Yes, but they are not exempt from this heart opening; they are not exempt from this blossoming of love.
So I say this to you because it is a bright new day, and I wish you to share this message of hope with many!
Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2018 Council of Love, Inc.

Success is for All

Heavenletter #6386 Published on: July 21, 2018

God said:
Beloved, breathe and calm down in life. You are not intended to gasp. You are not required to be so tense as you may find yourself. Not at all are you meant to be the lord and master of tension. In tension, you pull yourself up tight. Calming down amounts to letting go of tension. Tensing up isn’t a requirement. Tightening is tightening. It isn’t refreshing. To soothe life means to let go of holding on so tight as if you had to hold on for dear life itself. You may well think the stakes in life are high, yet, of course, everything in the relative world is relative. Arise to your Self. In no way does rising high mean you are to be high-wired. Live life equitably as it comes. You don’t have to hold your breath.
To be sure, your ambition is to go beyond ambition for gain’s sake. This includes going beyond even spiritual gain. It is My desire that you come close to Me. This is also your spiritual desire. We furrow the fields for all.
When the Wright brothers desired to create a flying machine, they liked the idea of success for themselves, yet there was something deeper in their ambition than a mere coup for themselves.
There is also desire for the world at large. Yes, of course, thoughts of making your mark in the world bring you joy, yet joy only for yourself doesn’t fill your crofters.
Markedly, when Gandhi desired freedom for India, he sought greater than personal freedom and favor. Personal favor doesn’t go far enough – not that anyone’s outside critique is theirs to be shed on you, nor is it fore you to judge the entirety of anyone’s heart.
By and large, everyone is learning more than from the casual eye to see. A seeming other’s life isn’t your call. Nevertheless, ring out success from the church tops. Seek success for everyone’s heart. Everyone’s heart is to carry your pledge. This is what it means not to covet. Letting go of coveting means to contribute to success wherever it lies. Enjoin all hearts as your own. What is the difference? Verily, all success is Mine. All success is greater than for itself. All success is also yours. This must be so. There is no success that is not yours.
Success is not exactly a victory. Success isn’t a victory over anyone. Victory comes down to a gift for Oneness.
Success that belongs privately as yours is no success at all, or, at best, it is stingy success. Ultimately, success belongs to many if not all. How many souls row a boat? Whom do I single out? I favor all naturally, for you are Mine. I favor everyone as One. I make no distinctions. What do I care what denomination you call yourself? You are more than your denomination. You are more than any nomenclature you assign to yourself.
You are not your name. You are not your body. You are not your career. You are not your happenstance. You are not your successes, nor are you what you call your failures. You are not your money in the bank. You are greater than these. You are greater than the country you live in. You are greater than the automobile you drive and the street you live on and the house you live in. You are greater than the words you say. You are greater than even your dreams. You are as great as I say. I speak highly of you. I do not pan My art. I extol My art.
You are My pride and joy. I say this humbly. I do know what I have wrought, and I don’t mind saying so.