Thursday, September 19, 2019

The Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, September 19th, 2019

Politics & Power ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Politics & Power ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton channeler of arcturians and archangels


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We are very familiar with your political systems and the way you elect the people who run your governments, and we know that most of you who are receiving this transmission are aware of the corruption that is embedded in the political systems that you have there. And we also know that there are many theories about who is doing what behind the scenes. Now, you have been putting faith in your political leaders and your governments for so long, and they have disappointed you all time and time again to the point now where you are completely disillusioned. You don’t know who is really for the people, and yet you continue to follow the elections and the words of the elected officials with a sense of hope that someone is going to come in and clean it all up.
And we are talking about more than just the corruption of bribery. We are talking about the corruptions of shadow governments, cabal groups, and all sorts of shady practices by very, very wealthy individuals who have access to extremely advanced pieces of technology. Again, we know that those of you who are experiencing this transmission are well-educated about all of these things and more, and so we are speaking to those of you who are still giving way too much of your attention to what’s going on in the governments and with the politicians who are supposedly running your governments.
We want so much for all of you to empower yourselves and to take your attention away from what they are doing in those government buildings and in those super secret meetings that don’t take place in the government buildings. We want you to experience yourselves as the ones in power, the ones who are there on Earth to integrate right and left, liberal and conservative, and all of the other polarities that you have and that play themselves out in these political arenas with such passion, but also with such hatred for the other side and the beliefs of those standing on the other side of the political spectrum.
We encourage all of you instead to look within your hearts and feel for your ability to integrate all aspects of self, your ability to love someone who votes for the other ‘team’ politically. We also want you to know how powerful you are, even though you will probably never hold political office and have the type of bank statement that these shadowy figures have. You are still powerful, and you don’t need to look outside of yourselves for someone to disempower those who are working against humanity behind the scenes. You need to come together in love and compassion and feel genuine forgiveness in your hearts for those who have taken advantage of a corrupt system that has been co-created by all of humanity.
This system that you are living in and under was not created in a vacuum. It was created by all of you, and it was created to test how far you could go without destroying the human race and planet Earth, and you have gone to the opposite ends of the spectrum very well and have managed to survive. And now it’s time for unity to rule. It’s time to put down your weapons that come in the form of your words and your hatred for those who believe something different than what you believe. It’s time for love to be what governs humanity, and that starts with each and every one of you to be the love that your fellow humans need so much, because you need love so much more than you need laws.
And those of you who are awake have decided, even before you were born, that you were going to take a very active role in leading humanity to the promised land. Your hearts are the way, and the sooner you put your emphasis on what you can feel in your hearts and the amount of love that can pour through you and from you, the sooner you will get to where you are going. That is where we want to encourage you to place your attention in the midst of all of the words and all of the politicking that is going on outside of you. Remember who you are, why you are there, and what you are there to do, and let that guide you more than ideology.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Message from the 'Team' Sept 19, 2019

Everything is Sacred
Peggy Black and the 'team'

We are here supporting your ever expanding consciousness. We are here reminding you of your personal power to transform energy and therefore transform the reality that you observe. From our vantage point it seems that most earthwalkers observe this reality from a place of helplessness or powerlessness. They feel there is very little that they can do to shift what is occurring, the chaos, the dysfunction and the misqualified energies.

We are inviting you to step into your ownership as a divine multidimensional being. It is from that awareness and ownership that you truly have the incredible power and ability to uplift and transform your personal life as well as the collective reality you observe.

Everything is energy and vibration. Everything is connected. There is entrainment and resonance with all. You might feel separate, alone or even isolated from this whole, however you and all others are connected to this web of cosmic energy.

Often you feel the tug, the pull or even the push of the energy that is happening in world events.   Every human being is empathic. Most individuals have found clever ways to shut this ability down. It is too intense to deal with and you have forgotten that you have the gift and ability to transform and transmute the negative and misqualitied energies that you encounter.

We return again and again to remind you of your personal power. Each and every action, word or emotion that you express makes an imprint on this collective consciousness. So what can you do each day to truly make a difference. We know that this is a longing within each of you.

We are inviting you to remember the power of ritual and ceremony. It is the focused intent, being fully present in the moment with your actions and your words.

Realize that ritual is a way that humans hold their reality together. Begin to notice the simple rituals you perform every day. You might not recognize them; however, your life is a series of rituals that you enact unconsciously. The steps you take upon awakening, the tasks you go through to get ready for your day. Each one of those actions is a ritual, begin to consciously make them sacred.

Now imagine that you bring your full attention to the task/ritual. Understand that when you focus your full attention upon an action it becomes sacred, holy, whole. Brushing your teeth can become a sacred and holy action with your attention on the blessings of your teeth and mouth and the ability they offer to your aliveness.

Each action you participate in each day can become a holy and sacred action. These simple actions and conscious rituals will calm the mind and certainly focus the attention. Usually these actions are performed unconsciously so they become mundane. The opportunity to use these personal actions as gifts and blessings is lost.

Humans have forgotten the importance of ritual and ceremony. When you begin to consider your daily activities as sacred/holy and whole, you are contributing to the collective wholeness and sacredness. We know this sounds too simple; however, we want you to remember that your energy and action are always contributing to the collective wholeness and sacredness.

Now let us invite you to take this ability of holding an action as holy and consciously create a personal ceremony or ritual with the action of lighting a simple candle. Pause, place your awareness in your heart and send blessings and gratitude into the collective field.

Imagine when you are selecting your produce in the market, you can consciously and quietly perform a ritual and send a blessing of gratitude to all individuals who make those fruits and vegetables available.

In a ceremony your attention is fully upon the task, performing each action just as it should be. A ceremony is therefore a practice for all of life, a practice in doing everything just as it should be done.  Realize that the practice of ritual and ceremony is like an energy magnet that aligns more and more harmony into the field. It is like a prayer that asks, may everything I do be a ceremony. May I do everything with full attention, full care and full respect for what it represents and serves.

Now you can begin to take this awareness of the power of ritual and total focus and connect it to the larger world experience and nature. Indigenous cultures lived sustainably on the land because they respected the consciousness of the water, the trees, and the land. They honored these sentient beings with ritual and ceremony.

Today you are being invited to begin to perform rituals of gratitude to the living beings that you encounter in the food you eat and the water you drink, as well as in your garden or the nature being that you pass on the street. In holding this encounter as holy and sacred, realize that reality is not as you have been told. There is an intelligence, synchronicity, and morphic resonance at work beyond the human understanding.

It is not that a ceremony or ritual will make different things happen in the world. It is that it can and does mold reality into a form where different things may happen. A ceremony declares the sacredness that you decide to live in harmony with all living and sentient beings.

Earthwalkers have forgotten their connection with the nature beings, with all the green and growing and living things. Recognizing that conscious ceremony and ritual honors that connection, your conscious focus and ritual of gratitude and appreciation offers healing and balance between all living things.

Don't just make special ceremonies; every act should be a ritual and ceremony. Over time the ceremony or ritual becomes an anchor point for a shift in the reality that you inhabit. You will discover that your life will organize itself around the intention behind the ceremony. Ritual sets the tone for each act and word being aligned with what you want to be, and the world you want to live in. A ceremony makes a place into a shrine, offers a reality in which everything is sacred.

We invite you to begin to use the power of conscious ritual to transform your daily life and therefore transform the collective. You can include an invitation for us and other divine beings to join you in your ceremony. Remember this is a tool for you to use as the powerful multidimensional divine being that you are. the 'team'

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Daily Teachings of the Masters


Thursday, September 19, 2019

We remind you that needn't turn back time.
Through it all, you have learned a lot. 
This is our argument.
Every maneuver, happening and circumstance
has brought you into a ready place of discernment.
You are now able to move beyond your past beliefs and create anew.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The Simple Youngest Son

Heavenletter #9

God said:
My children, believe in yourself.
That is the same as saying, Believe in the messages you receive from Me. Believe in your hearing. Believe in the impulses you receive. Listen to the drumbeat of your heart.
Your heart is not old habits. Old habits are of the mind, telegraphed to the body. The heart is ever new.
The heart will tell you when to turn left and when to turn right. The heart will tell you where to turn. The heart will not wait. The heart does not have to think about it. This is not whim We are speaking about; it is heart direction.
Something will feel right, and something else won't. Not conscience that you have been taught and learned, that is not it. It is more like you have had your finger on a water spout. With your finger on the tap, the water does not go straight. Take your finger off, and the water bubbles true. You don't have to think to know the difference. Let impulses bubble through you, and there will be no time lapse and no uncertainty.
There will not be wondering. There will be receiving. There will be hearing.
In the olden stories, the son set out on his journey, and he arrived at his destination. He had no delineated map. But he set out, and he kept going. He met this one and that one, and he had help along the way. He found his princess and he found his treasure. He did not know the lay of the land. He did not know where his treasure lay, but he set out on his journey without delay and was true to his heart.
He had help along the way. Sometimes he received good advice. Sometimes it was false. He had to learn to always listen to truth beyond the words of advice. He had to believe his heart and believe in his heart in order to listen to it.
The truth is that I was guiding his travel, and his destination was assured. And his journey was the listening to his heart and entering a golden realm where all the treasures lay. His journey was a journey. A journey is a letting go and an entering into newness.
He had everything he needed for his journey. He had his heart of gold and the beckoning of his destination. Often in the stories, it is the simple youngest son who finds the treasure. The older sons know too much, and so they lose out. They had preconceived ideas, and they went in the wrong direction. They set out to vanquish rather than discover. But the youngest son, newer to the world, has a pure innocent heart and his eyes greet the world. The innocent son has not yet learned to distrust his pure heart or to know better than it.
In the eyes of the world he was often considered simple, ignorant, naïve, foolish, and laughable. The elder son was considered wise in the ways of the world, and the world was confident in him and not in the innocent son. The elder son was confident in himself. The younger son was confident in his journey.
The older sons in the stories symbolize the world, and the world symbolizes the intellect. The simple youth symbolizes the heart. So these stories are stories of mind and heart.
The intellect will not take you where you want to go. The intellect is a detour. It detains you.
The heart will take you where you are already going.
Do not try to outsmart your heart.
And do not keep the attention of your heart on small things, what to eat and what to wear. Your heart wants bigger choices to make. It wants its journey. It doesn't want to stop too much along the way, for your journey seeks itself.

The Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, September 18th, 2019

Your Greatest Teachers ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

your greatest teachers the 9D arcturian council channeled by daniel scranton channeler of arcturians archangels ascended masters & e.t.s


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We are not the experts on humanity and life there on Earth. You are. You are the ones who are living in that density and dimension, having those unique experiences, and feeling all of the emotions that come up from the experiences you are living. We are doing our best to relate, and sometimes we will do so by checking in on one of you who is experiencing some very intense emotions. And then we will observe how you all handle the processing of those emotions, and of course you are all different. You all have unique approaches to the intense emotional experiences you are having, and we do respect all of the choices that you make to make the experience of those emotions easier on you.
But then again, we also notice that what works for most of you is immediate attention. When you are children, before you are convinced that your emotions are inappropriate, you are able to move through them very quickly and return to your natural state of joy. You are naturally joyous beings, and when something is interfering with that natural state of joy, it needs to be addressed by you, and the sooner the better. The less ashamed you are of your emotion, the faster you take it on. The less you are judging your emotion, the more willing you are to be open about what you are feeling and express it to those who matter to you in your life.
Most of the issues that you have there on Earth are the result of people not allowing themselves to fully feel their emotions, and then they take actions that represent the stuck emotion. Or they get a very deadly disease because they haven’t allowed themselves to feel their emotions and express them. And so, we want you to notice, as we have, what your typical strategies are for dealing with your negative emotion. And then we encourage you to ask yourselves whether the approach is working for you. If you have tactics that you employ to put off the feeling of the negative emotion, then we suggest that you at least make an appointment with yourself to get to it soon, and again, the sooner the better.
The more you watch the children of your world and follow their example, the happier you will be in your lives. They are creative. They do what they feel passionate about, and they allow themselves to feel and express their emotions. They are honest and they are hopeful. They believe in magic, and we hope that you all can learn from them and be more like the children that you have in your lives. They are your greatest teachers. After all, they are living life on Earth as well. They are like you, experiencing what you are experiencing, and they are highly sensitive and attuned to higher frequencies. And so, this is your assignment. Watch the children and be like the children, and you will find that natural state of joy exists underneath all of that stuck emotion you’ve been holding onto.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”