Thursday, November 14, 2019

Message from the 'Team' November 14th, 2019

One Flow of Circular Energy
Peggy Black and the 'team'

We are here once again offering you the tools, and the reminders of how, to transform and shift more easily into your unlimited self. This is a powerful statement and we invite you to realize that you are experiencing two different realities. One reality is the physical, limited experience and once in a while you experience your divine unlimited self.

Those of you who are on the path of ascension are shifting consciousness and honoring your limitless divine self. As more and more beings open their hearts and are fully embodied, they are allowing their higher mind to guide and influence their lives and actions. These individuals are becoming fully aware of the illusion they are witnessing and participating within. This awareness brings a multidimensional shift in collective awareness. This collective shift is calling forth and sustaining an expanded unified field.

This unified field begins to influence others and there will be an energetic wave moving across the expanse of consciousness. This is especially important during this period of great intensity on your earth.

You are witnessing old limiting timelines and old limiting patterns dissolving. The very landscape of what you have called normal is shifting and changing. You are witnessing the chaos and resistance to change.

You are actually bringing these shifts and changes about. As each person shines their light of awareness upon their shadow aspects and transforms those negative and misqualified energies, there is space for new seeds to be planted and new realities to be called forth.

The goal is to purge and dissolve unhelpful patterns, emotions and frequencies. Look within and become aware of the emotions that you have stored within your energy field and your body. It is time to clean out your emotional closet, it is time to dive into your cave of darkness that has held you limited and captive for so long. These emotions and patterns are required to be released, transmuted or healed consciously.

This is your next evolutionary stage, this is the opportunity to step up and fully embody your magnificence as a divine being of love and light, a divine creator of form.

We acknowledge all the work that you have done transforming your limited patterns and your painful emotions. However we are reminding you that now is certainly the most powerful time to finish clearing all conditioning, limitations, and negative and misqualified emotional energies that you have taken on from others.

There are multitudes of divine beings ready to assist and support as you do this work and service for all. Ask for help, encouragement, wisdom, strength and guidance as you step into your personal power to make this significant difference.

Remember that the only way negative limited energy can be transformed in this reality is through the conscious intention of a divine being who has experienced and embodied those negative energies in this dimension and reality. So you're up.

We realize this assignment might have been in the small print at the bottom of your golden ticket. We assure you that you will agree it has been worth the ride and will get in line once again.

However, right now in your experience there seems to be the speeding up of time. That feeling is an illusion; you are really in a pause as there is a resetting of the internal as well as the universal clock. What was, is no longer. As you rest in the pause between what was and what will be, breathe deeply several times, place your awareness in your heart and begin to radiate from this place. Welcome the insights that come to you. Be gentle with yourself as you slowly allow the timeless aspect of yourself to come forth and show you the way into this new portal of time that has emerged from your dedicated work and service to the light of transformation.

It is in this new awareness, this new portal of time, that you stretch into your infinite divine self. Be aware that you are birthing a new world by what you have released with gratitude, what you have healed lovingly, what you have transformed with courage and what you have offered generously.

Join other like minds and souls in the physical or non physical realms and continue to create from this place of your own recognized magnificence. Truly wake up to who you are. You are ageless and timeless.

Treasure the moments of clarity. Treasure the moments of loving contact. Treasure the beauty of this dimension in all its wonder and awe. Each breath of gratitude, each sigh of thankfulness, each laugh of joy and giggle of glee will ripple through this portal of time and seed a new future that is life sustaining, honoring of all living things. The energy that you anchor in your thoughts, words and action in this dimension affects your past and present and your future. Remember, it is all one flow of circular energy rippling out and touching everyone and everything.

We extend our deep gratitude for the transformational work that you continue to express in your actions and words. We are here to assist, support and honor you, magnificent starbeings that you are. the 'team' 

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Christ, the Wayfarer

Heavenletter #65 

God said:
All the love that reaches you, no matter from what far corner, is from Me. All the wealth that reaches you comes from Me. All the air and sunshine you receive come from Me.
When you are blessed, it is I Who blesses you.
All blessings come from God.
All goodness.
All energy.
All strength.
All wisdom.
All love.
There is One Source, and there is One Giver.
And there is One Truth, and that is the Purity of Love.
In My realm, the opposite of blessing does not exist. When something occurs that is unwelcome to you, it does not mean you have been singled out. It does not mean you are guilty. Untoward acts towards you have nothing to do with you. Do not take them personally. That perception alone will raise you above the tawdry and mundane. When you do not take things personally, you are in the truth of events.
Not taking things personally does not mean that you pretend you do not feel hurt. It means you see things as they are. When someone around you is sparring in the dark, you may get hit, but it was their own sparring that caught you.
There is no gain in taking things personally.
When you do so, you are taking on someone else's fight.
Be not a fighter. Be not a victim. All in the world are wayfarers along a dusty road. You are a wayfarer.
Christ was a wayfarer. In his wayfaring, he saw love everywhere because he knew My love, and he let My love come from him. He saw even his persecutors with the eyes of love. He saw the world as a mother might see a child spilling ink. He saw the temporalness of the life around him, and it did not affect him. It touched his body, his life and events, but it did not touch him. He was not wobbly. He did not waver. He did not take on the world. He did not dance to its tune. He walked through it, and thousands followed him.
Christ did not contain the concept of retaliation. He saw no reason to hurt anyone.
Be you the same. The greater hurt is to yourself when another's ignorance makes you hostile.
You do not have to protect yourself. You do not have to defend. All you have to do is to love Me, and follow Me, and pick yourself up from the fray of the street.
Your body is where it is, located, limited, but that is not who you are. When you know the richness of who you are, you won't fight over a penny. When you know the richness of who you are, you will not glower. When you know the richness of who you are, you pick up your body, and you move on.
All of your life is the climbing of a ladder to Heaven. Don't stop. Keep climbing. Climbing means that you do not stay in the same spot. Move one leg after the other, and you are climbing. It is not a big thing. It is the next thing.
As you climb, others are heartened. They start to look up. They may not see Me coaching them, but they will see that you see Me and that a Great Light shows you the way. They then follow you who follows Me. They hope that you will lead them to Me. And you will. Your courage — which is really vision — will lift their hearts, and they will make their own climb.
When you try to carry others, you forget Me, and you both may fall from the weight of your own effort.
Put your dependence on Me, and put others' dependence on Me also, for that is truth. I am what you depend on, not another.
No one can see for you. No one can climb for you. But another's sight and another's vision can nourish and restore you so that you may climb another rung in the golden ladder.
Know that whatever kind of ladder you may think you climb, beneath the surface, it is a golden ladder that reaches to Heaven. And as you progress, the golden ladder becomes a golden ship on which you sail to the farther reaches of a state of being called Heaven. That is where you are going because that is My Will and that is your destiny.

Daily Teachings of the Masters

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Have faith
in your own offering to Self.
You are the one who is dictating consciousness. 

Art by Ellen Love Vaman

The Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, November 13th, 2019

The Fifth Dimensional Lightbringers ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

The Fifth Dimensional Lightbringers ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton channeler of archangels


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We have been paying very close attention to the way that humanity has been responding to the light and love that has been coming in to your planet’s atmosphere and your energy fields. This light and love has been directed to all of you by a collective of beings. They are a fifth dimensional collective, and they are representing all of the major star systems throughout the galaxy. They have come together to assist humanity in your shift in consciousness. They know that you are at the center of the shift in this galaxy. They have come together largely because all of these beings understand how important it is to support humanity.
They are a new collective, in the sense that they have just begun to gather together on a huge mothership that is right now hiding in your skies. They can hide in plain sight because they are fifth dimensional, and so is their ship. We want to give them a name now, so that you all can refer to them and so that we can have an understanding of when we are referring to them. They are the Fifth Dimensional Lightbringers, and they have been targeting areas where they are much more likely to be received. They have been sending their transmissions of light and love to various hotspots across the planet, and in the near future they are going to be looking more towards the major cities around the world where they are less likely to be received, where the hustle and bustle keeps people from opening up to a large degree.
But they have seen success already in the parts of the world that they have targeted. We are talking about Machu Picchu, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Fuji and other areas where people go for the purposes of finding themselves and experiencing spiritual growth. They will also be targeting the areas of the world where there has been a great deal of conflict, where there have been many bombs dropped and bullets fired. From what we can see, this group of Fifth Dimensional Lightbringers is going to succeed in helping more and more individuals raise their vibration, release their fears and judgments, and they will be partially responsible for a great deal of humans having more compassion, and more forgiveness, and more unconditional love in their hearts.
These wonderful extra-terrestrial beings know that they are related to the humans of Earth, and many of them feel responsible for the Earth experiment and where you are right now. This is all being done by agreement, of course, with your higher selves, and it is the perfect timing for them to be exploring how they can help humanity more. We are very excited about this endeavor, and they have our full support as well.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

“The RV Plan” by Ron Giles – 11.12.19

“The RV Plan” by Ron Giles – 11.12.19

NOTE: For those with suspected Fake Zim Bonds – if you paid for them the NPTB will fund your Humanitarian Projects, they know who you are.
“Q,” says “Trust the Plan.” So, what is the RV Alliance plan anyway, and why is it so important to understand and trust?
These are good questions.
A plan is a set-in-motion process(s) that if followed, a person will arrive at a predetermined set of desired results. The adherence to the plan is, therefore, necessary to accomplish the results intended within the plan. If you don’t know the intended results, how can one determine the necessity to follow the plan?
This may seem a simple statement and yet why do so many people get confused and get carried around by every wind of doctrine (information) that comes along from the intel gurus they follow. There exist a set of results that must be understood so one can see for themselves the necessity of following the plan.
The Old Central Bank, banking system…why must it be replaced?
The Central Bank’s financial system is designed to create inflation that destroys the currency and the people’s assets and results in the necessity to re-establish a new currency to take the place of the old system. Inflation consumes the buying power of currency over time. When the buying power of currency is lost, people will turn to loans to solve financial problems. This creates a downward spiral into debt slavery.
In 1917 when the Central Bank’s banking system (CB) took over the then-existing financial system of the US, the US dollar was worth 100 cents. When inflation deteriorates the buying power of the dollar, at a Fed desired rate of 2% inflation per year, then the dollar loses 2 cents of value per year. After 50 years of 2% inflation, the dollar then loses 100% of its value when compared to when the cycle was started UNLESS it is reset and started over, which it has been.
Couple this with the interest rates charged to use the money and the economy is on a collision course with near-complete destruction. It needs to be re-set, usually by a catastrophic war scenario or some other major public event, to hide the demise of the inflation prone currency. The built-in design of the CB financial system is intended to last 50 – 70 years and then needs to be re-set to continue.
It is not hard to see why the Cabal, with their war hawks, are feverishly trying to start World War III? It is at the end of its cycle, and to continue, it needs the war to reset the CB financial system. This will not happen as the Alliance will not allow a World War to be started again. The CB financial system cannot carry the world debt without the re-set, so it will die of natural causes on its own.
The New Quantum Financial System (QFS) will replace the old Central Banking financial system.
As the last dying embers of the CB are being shown to the world, the Alliance is set to pull the trigger on the Fed and let the world know the CB is not needed anymore. They will not go peacefully into the trash, but into the trash, they will go. The Fiat system of currency backed by nothing of value will be buried and the old Gold-based, real money systems will emerge like the Phoenix rising out of the dust, but with a more secure way of using gold to back currencies of the world.
Beyond the necessity of some financial structure that supports the economy, the CB has always been the limiting factor for national and international Economic Growth. With its millstone around the neck to inhibit the financial growth of both individuals and Corporations, the CB has been the culprit that has cost the people of earth dearly. Of necessity, Governments have been complicit in supporting the CB with their bribery and extortions and all manner of illegal activities so that career politicians can become millionaires off the backs of people they are supposed to serve. The Government must keep the CB intact as the entity to control and manipulate the Economy. It is a system that has created the DC swamp and must be returned to the Constitutional form of government that this nation was founded upon as well as the new Quantum Financial System. (GESARA for the world)
The QFS stands as a sentinel to allow the new financial system to be economically successful for the people. The “lack- mentality,” of the Cabal economic system gives way to allow the people to become “Abundant” and self-sufficient with all the money they need to not only survive but to thrive.
The RV is essential to the “plan.”
The new financial system must have the financial where-with-all (cash/currency) for every person to have what they need to take care of their own requirements without needing to go on the dole or borrow money to survive. The RV supports this premise. Certain things in the new financial system will need to be held inviolable. The home and income should never be subject to foreclosure or loss that destroys the Family Unit and its security. Zim Benefactors must create provisions to avoid this problem, because it will not come from a Socialistic government, as in the dole. (LWS’s RSS program). Becoming responsible for ourselves and others will become the social norm instead of greed, hatred, dependancy, and divisions such as Race, Religion, Politics, Gender identity, and etc. that destroys society. If you’re not willing to give up your prejudices you might not make it in this new system. These divisions separate we humans and are part of the Cabal takeover that supports the Central Bank financial system that is being moved to the trash bin. Holding on to these divisions will be detrimental to society as a whole and will alienate individuals from full participation in a Thriving Society. Question: are we Zim Benefactors up to the task of creating a new Economic System for Society?
Society functions well when the basic structures are protected with all peoples contributing to the whole as responsible individuals. This is not Socialism, nor is it greedy Capitalism. Everyone willing to do their part for society and their family unit will add to the whole by doing things within their uniqueness to contribute to society as they desire. Lazy people will not do well, but those willing to do their part will find great opportunity and comfort in the new economic system that is coming.
What is the “Plan” and what are the desired “results?”
The PLAN is to create an economic system where every person, who is willing, can find financial success and live lives worthy of being the Sovereigns that we, as children of God, are by inheritance. Sovereigns conduct their lives according to correct principles that allow all persons to THRIVE and meet the full measure of their Creation.
The RESULTS are a Financial System that supports each individual as a viable member of society, worthy of respect and honor as each person contributes their uniqueness to the whole. Without each person participating in the bounty, the whole is not complete. The answer is to love and serve one another.
There is a PLAN that when fully implemented will produce the desired RESULTS.
When you read information, use your inner discretion and ask yourself: “How does this fit into the plan?”
It might be misinformation or disinformation or it might go against the plan:
1. If the information does not support the demise of the CB financial system post RV, then disregard, (there are no bank charges or fees in the QFS, Banks will not survive.)
2. And, if the information creates doubts in the RV process, the negotiable rates, or the amount of the funds available, then disregard.
3. And, if the information given lowers the belief you have in yourself or your ability to do your humanitarian work or if it supports any outside control or power-over-you, then disregard. (We are Sovereigns and control ourselves by adhering to Correct Principles in harmony with other Sovereigns) (Telling Zim Holders they will only receive ??? millions for a 100 T note, reflects power-over-people by un-named Shills, don’t stand for it)
4. And, if the information does not support the absolute security of our funds in the QFS, then disregard.
5. And, if the information does not include a discussion of Re-Valued gold-backed currencies to be deposited into your accounts within the QFS and not in a bank, then disregard.
6. And, if the information gives any expected dates for the RV or the release of the 800#, then disregard. (We are under a strategic, military disinformation protocol, we do not have a “need to know.” Surprise! Surprise!)
7. And, if the information or person gives continuing unfulfilled-expected-dates which has destroyed the credibility of all gurus who participate in this travesty, then disregard.
8. And, if the information gives any expected exchange or redemption rates, then disregard. (we negotiate on our own)
9. And, if the information talks about tranches or the movement of bank funds, then disregard. (The QFS has no need to move funds for exchanges or redemptions, it will be an account to account transfer within the QFS) (Banks use codes, QFS uses direct personal access using PIN numbers)
10. And, if the information says fake Zim Bonds will not be redeemed, then disregard. (All Zim Bonds support humanitarian projects, even if they are fake.)
11. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, if the information makes you feel uncomfortable in your heart or if it does not jive with what you already know to be correct, then disregard.
For we Humanitarians, there is a PLAN in place that is being meticulously followed with military precision. It will produce the RESULTS of a New Economic System that will inure to our benefit as we go about our Humanitarian Work.
I believe in the PLAN and expect the RESULTS to be far greater than we can presently comprehend.
Have a blessed day and “believe in things that are TRUE.”
Ron Giles
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