Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Star That Illuminates the Earth

Heavenletter #430 

God said:

It is a puzzle how you expect too much and not enough at the same time. You look forward to this holiday in one way or another, and yet your heart looks for more than it receives. You know there is something more. Once you have picked up the ribbons and the wrappings, you are left with yourself, and your anticipation has fled. Something more was supposed to happen, and somehow the sun set, and the day is done. It is already the past. And what did you miss? What slipped past you?

You see too well the contrast between what can be and what seems to be. Better to see Me. Better to dwell on the greater possibilities than the daily-ness at hand. There will always be the day-to-day details of Human life to be taken care of. And there will always be the greater glory.

Everything is more than it appears.

Light seems to come from a light bulb, but it comes from greater than that. And your light of life comes from far beyond the place where you stand.

Be not near-sighted. Be dear-sighted.

See the glow in everything. It is there. The same light that a bulb practices is everywhere in everything. It is in you. See it. Move it along.

On this day that commemorates the birth of Christ, commemorate your birth. Engage yourself in the holiness of today. You are the Magi, and you are the star that brings the Magi to you, and you are the blessedness of Christ’s birth.

That which you love is yourself. Whatever capacity in another that you adore, the self-same capacity is yours. You pick out greatness in another that is also yours. If Christ really stood apart from you, he would not uplift you now. If he were really far away from your capabilities, he would have receded from your awareness. If he were not real in you, you would not remember him.

In truth, he reminds you of yourself.

And he reminds you of Me.

Yes, Christ is a reminder of yourself. He is a recollection. He is like a clock that ticks in your heart. Every once in a while, a little bell goes off. Maybe it is a Christmas bell that rings to awaken you to the truth of your own self.

Christ is a memory within you. The bell he rang never stopped ringing. Now you are becoming more attuned to the sounds that signal a greater tempo coming to earth.

Christ is a holy vibration of My love. And you are also that vibration. You are a pure note I struck. But other sounds have drummed over your initial note which was of such clear ringing that all rushed to your side to behold you.

Now you must behold yourself. Wherever you look, you will behold yourself. And you will see Me beholding you.

When you look into a stream and the sun is behind you, you will behold the sun and you will behold the sun’s light illuminating you.

The mirror of a stream is innocent. It is impartial. It can only behold what is before it. But it is you who must see. Look deeper into your reflection, and you will see. It is not that you will cast a spell over yourself. You will remove a spell. You will turn in old sight for new vision. You will take off the glasses you have been wearing and begin to see.

And you will share your new vision. You cannot help sharing it. For when you see, others also see, and you bring them into the light as well.

You are the star that illuminates the earth.

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