Saturday, October 17, 2020

You Are a Decision You Make

Heavenletter #400 

God said:

Sometimes you feel you are damaged goods. You think, if it weren't for this or it weren't for that, you would be all that God says. But who are you to second-guess? I did not say you are all I say except for this and that. I say you are all I say right now. Your thinking interferes with your picture of yourself, but your picture of yourself is not you. Your picture of yourself is lacking, but you are intact, if only you knew.

Certainly you are deluded. You image yourself into a frame, and keep yourself there. You think you are limited because of your childhood. You think you are limited because of opportunities that passed you by, but it was you who passed by them, but still that doesn't matter. Opportunity ushers and follows you.

You in relative life are a decision you make. If you feel like a faltering horse, make another decision. See yourself as a steed that courses the universe. See yourself as Pegasus who flies. Doesn't that stir something in you? You know that a truth rings true in the concept of a flying horse. If a horse can fly in your psyche, why not you?

You have restricted the stirring of your imagination. I tell you to stir it. You have rejected your imagination. Reject instead what has kept your imagination dormant.

Let your imagination be the horse that flies. Let your imagination course through the universe, and find a new place to alight. You do not have to stay there. You will not stay there, but you can arrive there, and then let something new be your departure point.

Catch up to yourself.

You have been lagging. It is your concepts that have been lagging.

You are a race horse, and you have let imaginary reins hold you back from running. Admit, you have not even entered the race. You are a nag chewing grass in the field and staring blankly.

You have sought contentment. You have sought the confinement of boundaries. You have held onto your own reins and kept yourself back. Have you not had enough of restraint?

What is this day for except for you to race in? I do not mean speed. I mean enter. Just enter, and you will have reached your grasp.

Afraid or not, enter the arena, for you belong there. You were not meant to sit on the sidelines. You can cheer the rest of the runners, but cheer them from center field. Otherwise, you just make yourself hoarse.

What have you been waiting for? Permission?

You were given permission before you were born. You did not have to wait for permission to be born. Why do you wait for permission to live the life you were born to?

Staying alive is not such a big feat. Living life is another.

What are you here for, My children? Certainly not to skulk in a corner.

Get your heart back and go to the frontier. Be a pioneer in your life, not a settler. Do not settle when it comes to your mission on the field of earth. Do not settle for what a pauper asks. Keep venturing forward, and claim new territory, for I have laid it out for you. It is only waiting for you.

And now you begin.

There is no how to the act of beginning. There is just beginning. There is jumping in. You do not have to plan your leap. You do not have to gird your loins. You do not have to smooth the way. You do not have to be unctuous. You are not a lowly creature who crawls. You do not need a reason. That you were born My child is reason enough.

Accept the sword I give you. It is a symbol of courage. Courage is of the heart. Use the strength of your heart to go forth into life. Herald the dawn that breaks right over the horizon. It calls to you to declare it.

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