Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Awareness of Greatness

Heavenletter #197 

God said:
When your heart and mind, eyes and ears, when the whole vantage of you is engaged with Me, you have awareness of greatness. When you have that awareness, your difficulties and emptiness takes their rightful place which is not in your awareness but out of it. There is no place within you to hoard troubles. They are out of place within you. Troubles exist only in your awareness. You have tended to them, taken care of them, nurtured them.
Your sense of trouble existed only because you were not filled with truth. You moved over, as it were, and let anything come sit in your mind. Worry upon worry — you squeezed them in. How polite you were to loathsome thoughts. How open to anything that occurred to you, to any possibility fraught with danger.
Be open to My thoughts. Be open to My love.
Every time you clasp your brow or clutch your heart, let Me in. Let Me assuage your purchased agony. You have purchased it. It is not native to you. It came from somewhere else, and you brought it in. And you continue to pay a price for it. It takes its toll on you.
I am the giver of bounty. I do not know how to take. Everything I give to you. I give upon giving. I overlay My love on you. I am white on white. My offer always stands. I withdraw nothing. Once I give, it is given. It is given to you for all time. You are embossed with Me. You are eternally totally embossed with Me. Our embossment cannot be undone.
I realize you think that I take away from you. You think I take your loved ones from you when they are finished with their bodies, but I give them to themselves, and I bring them here right beside Me, no exceptions. They finally know that there is no place to be but with Me. They were never yours to lose. More exists in life than your supposed needs.
You think I take away your youth and substitute age, but that is only of the body; do not complain. It is a natural event in life due to the long-held mass belief in it, but the fading of surface beauty is only to let your true beauty shine. When all pretense is gone, the light of you shines.
The true heart of you never ages, never dies. You can only come closer to Me. There is no further away you can get. You have been there. You have known imposed distance very well. Now, come, learn Our closeness, for that is truth.
How do you become closer to your truth which is Our bondedness of love? Make room for Me in your mind. Give yourself permission to have what you have always sought and called by other names. Now face squarely what your true desire is. Acknowledge it. Do not be hesitant to say: "I want You, God. Above all, I want You."
Without Me, you have delusion. You like to think of apartness from Me as illusion, but you are deluded if you think you can be apart from Me. I cannot be lost. I am no illusion. I am the Real of the Real.
I kiss your brow now. I fix your shirt collar. I press My lighted awareness upon you. I clasp you to My heart, and you are clasped. I am the Moment you have yearned for. I am the culmination of your search. You keep searching when you already have Me. So have Me. Have Me. You do have Me. I am esplanaded in your heart. I am imploded in your heart. I am encoded there. I am encoded, not in secret, but in public. I am Truth to be revealed and beheld, and only you can do it. And you do it for Me.

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