Tuesday, January 14, 2020


Heavenletter #127 

God said:
Although there is no time, and eternity is, you are not to delay. Much counts on you. Your attention is needed.
You are no longer in kindergarten.
Your vision has to expand in order to save the outer world. The outer world has to grow toward Heaven. You have to grow. Your growth influences the outer world. The world cannot grow without you. You grow the world. The world is the crop you have seeded. What do you plant?
The outer world is the ripples of your pond. What are you rippling?
The outer world is a figment of your imagination. What are you imagining? How far does your sight go? Does it go past your nose?
Your sight must go past yourself and beyond the outer world. Your sight must come to Me so that you can raise the world. The world is like your child. When you have a child, you have vision of his future. The child I created and gave to you for safekeeping, you also create as you allow him to be what he is not yet. Right now he may be a six-year old, or seventeen, but you see the grandness of the child and where that greatness can take him.
Do the same for the world. The world does not have to stay as it is. It can grow to your vision. It can be Paradise.
Paradise is not a myth.
Once upon a time I presented you with Paradise. You fell out of it by seeing fault. By seeing fault, you made fault, and fault skyrocketed. Earlier fault still falls to earth. Now you will skyrocket the loveliness of God and His faith in you, His noble creation.
If you think the world must stay as it is, if you think the world has always been hard and must always be so, then you maintain the present status of the world. If you cannot see beyond it, you keep it where it is.
I gave you the world to sow with your thoughts. And sow you have. And now sow again that vines may grow and faith in the heart of man.
You who are My seed must reseed yourself and the living earth you walk on.
Every thought you seed grows somewhere.
Do not try to control your thoughts. Just look further. Have an intention, or vision, of what your thoughts can be and where they may land and what they may extol upon the earth.
Receive thoughts from the stars and pass those thoughts on. Be a star brigade.
Open the vaults of Heaven so that light may shine on the growing earth and its inhabitants.
Let My light in so that what can be will be.
No longer choose the past. It was astray.
Choose My vision. I will give it to you. Let My vision lead you and the world.
Christ was a savior. He saved hearts. Do you understand? He saved his heart first. He saved it by giving it to Me. His heart that he gave to me was returned to the world a million times over and more and more and again and again. Look at what one heart of man did sow. Led by Me within his heart, Christ blessed a world that needed blessing. His blessing continues. And he asks you to continue the blessing he gave. Be a blessing brigade.
You know, when you work for Me, you work for Me. There is no going back. You do not fit back where you once were. You can't put on that old clothing.
Now you forge ahead. Ahead means high. You must take giant steps and go high. How hard is it to come to Me? Not hard at all. Simply offer yourself and keep Me in sight. I will fulfill My Divine Will through you. I will do it, not you. But your willingness will help My Will be done.

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