Friday, October 6, 2017

All the Colors of the Rainbow

Heavenletter #6161 Published on: October 7, 2017

God said:
There is no death, and there is no birth. They do not really exist because you are never non-existent. On Earth, there is nothing more than appearance. You might call yourself a chrysalis. On Earth, you trade in costumes. Today you wear one outfit, and tomorrow another. Outfits are interchangeable. Today you wear pink, tomorrow yellow, or green, or blue or gray. Infinite are the colors you wear. Infinite are you.
Non-existent? Never.
You manifest yourself in various ways. Just as your dreams at night shift or even disappear, you are, nevertheless, the Dreamer who dreams, or who had a dream, and then your dream went walking and then new and old dreams come back, and you slip back into them. Sooner or later, all dreams come true somewhere somehow.
Only on Earth is there a then or a now whereas Eternal is entirely a horse of another color.
One day, you dance a polka. Another day, you dance a waltz. At the same time, a dance is a dance.
Today you hum this tune, and tomorrow another. Endless are the tunes. Amazing, isn’t it, that there are only so many notes to play, yet there is no end to their combinations and melody? How many sounds are there and how infinite their combinations and languages which rise from the notes always available.
There is Silence, and there is noise. When you are deaf, do sounds still exist? When you are blind, do not colors still exist regardless? Is there an end to stories? Nope, in the world, there are always new stories, and you are part of all the stories even as you do not know them all, and there is more to Life than a Myriad of Stories.
And when there is a seeming outcome, that isn’t the end of the story. There is no last breath taken. You are ongoing. You were never not, and always you will be. Always you are in one changing form or another. You are a mirage, and you are a chameleon.
As a human Being, you don’t know where you have been or really where you are now. There is where you think you are now and, yet, it is well likely that you are in more than one place and carry more than one name you go under. In fact, you may be the last to know, so oblivious you may be. Actually, there is no maybe about this one way or another. You have been quite oblivious even as sometimes you like to think you know most of all
You may hide under a mushroom, and you may at the same time even be King of the Mountain. You are indeed a Shape-Shifter.
You already do know that you may run hot and cold.
No matter what you surmise, always you exist. You are tried and true. Anything else is subterfuge. Sure, you may take yourself up and down a garden path. You dissemble.
Sure, you play all the parts. You try them on for size. You embellish them. You tell yourself Truth, and you also dance around Truth and squint your eyes.
What difference does it make? It makes all the difference in the world even as it makes no difference at all.
Beyond the land you know, you come through with shining colors. You are not abashed at all. The day will come when you acknowledge yourself, and, how straight you will stand, and how you will laugh, and how you will cry with Joy and never mind all the detours. When push comes to shove, it will all have been worth it.

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