Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Excerpt 2: Scripting Your Destiny



THE LAW OF ATTRACTION: Whatever you wish to attract to you, you must become and project the feeling of that which you wish to manifest. If you desire love, sense a love of self; be loving and project love. You are a magnetic force. You draw to you your conscious desires empowered through mental clarity, emotional intensity and active involvement. You also draw to you those negative energies that you allow in your sc and C minds.
THE LAW OF ASSUMPTION: The bible states, “Assume a virtue if you have it not, and it shall be yours.” As a part of the Universal Laws of Manifestation, you must actively participate in order to manifest that which you desire. Assume that all the beauty, bounty, joy, peace and vitality of the Creator are yours. It is your heritage.
LAW OF ABUNDANCE: There is no lack, limitation or scarcity on this Earth except in the consciousness of humanity. “As within, so without.” The law of abundance is ready to supply your every need, and the needs of all, but you must claim abundance, visualize abundance, and project energies of abundance, without doubt, feelings of unworthiness, or guilt. “As a man thinks within his heart, so is he.”
THE LAW OF DOMINION: The Creator gave us dominion over everything on this Earth. It was a wonderful blessing, but also a stewardship; therefore, we are responsible for the safekeeping of the Earth and all that resides upon her. Everything already exists in the Universal Mind; therefore, it is yours for the asking. It is up to you as to how much of this heritage you will claim. Clarity of purpose, imagination, visualization, strength of purpose and active participation are the ingredients necessary to become a master of cocreation instead of a master of limitation.
THE LAW OF AFFIRMATION: THE CREATOR SAID, “LET THERE BE LIGHT,” and there was light: no doubts, no trying, but creating through the law of affirmation. Your sc and C minds accept what you believe of yourself and for yourself. Affirmations reprogram the sc and give direction to your C mind. Whatever you affirm for yourself becomes the law of your Being. You must think, act and believe that which you wish to become and manifest.
THE LAW OF PHYSICALITY: You are Spirit in a physical vessel here on Earth to experience the material world for the Creator and the Great Beings of Light. You have a Divine Blueprint of your beautiful physical temple encoded in what is called your Golden Etheric Web, but this Golden Web has become dim, and impacted with a tarry substance. It has become diminished down through the ages with all the negative thought-forms and energies you have allowed in your auric field. Claim and activate that perfect body that was designed at the direction of the Creator. Repeat daily, “I AM pure in Spirit and Body. I AM strong, youthful, healthy, full of vitality and resonate from within the center of my being pure love and Christ Light.” Do not yearn to leave your body. Your mission is to bring paradise back to planet Earth?the Garden of E-don. This is the term Lord Michael uses which means obedience to Divine wisdom. The whole Earth was the Garden of Eden, not just a particular location.


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