Sunday, October 30, 2022

Azzilian from Draco Group via Erena Velazquez | October 29, 2022

Greetings Humans,

I am Azzilian from Draco Group, and I would like to empathize on the importance of high frequencies. My group works directly with Galactic Federation of Light with goals in mind of peaceful coexistence between civilizations.

Long time ago we split in two groups, one took the road of the destruction, the second one stayed in the interest of continuous advancement without wars. I appeared through the Universal Channel over year ago. I can see a lot of events occurred on Earth. Your civilization reached the crossroad, where you are going also like my civilization split in two groups. Part of humankind will move into New Earth, and another part will continue their journey in 3D, as they can’t embrace high frequencies and take next step to Ascension.

You are emitting the frequencies to the surroundings, which can be positive or negative. Most of humans don’t even realize that they are walking around infested with dark energies, which can effect your well being and transition into high dimensions. Individuals, who carry high energies, need to stay away from low frequencies. Evil purposely puts dark entities and energies into your devices, TV, cable and etc. to keep you stock in illusion.

To become free from 3D, let go of ego and bonds to the materialistic world. Observe the Matrix from outside and don’t participate in their fraudulent movie. Follow the guidance of your soul with whom you can interact freely without any energetic harm.

Ascension and transition are going to happen by Divine Plan. The end of Evil is here on Mother Earth, this is the truth. Some of low vibrational energies can slow down the progress of humankind to move ahead in their spiritual growth. Please, be aware that you are the one who creates your own destiny. Stay only in the Now and don’t focus on false prophets who give you dates of upcoming events. Nobody knows them except Divine. One day we are going to meet on New Earth. Thank you Universal Channel. I am sending healing to everyone, who wants to receive it.

Follow Your Divine Path

Channeled by Erena Velazquez

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