Monday, February 24, 2020

God's Path

Heavenletter #167 

God said:
You are entering onto a new plane now. You are not where you were yesterday — or thought you were. You never were where you thought. Nevertheless, you are entering a new plane today. A new plane means you have taken another step.
Your heart has risen to new heights. Do you feel it? You don't have to feel it. That is not a requirement. Whether you feel it or not, you are not in the same place you were yesterday. Your heart has turned and now comes from a different angle. Your heart has been moved. It was touched, and now it has moved. It has a new readiness. That slightest change changes everything.
The universe is ever new, and you are ever new with it.
Your old ideas just won't work any more. They never did work. You just convinced yourself that they had. More light is entering you. With this brighter light, you see better. You see differently. Things weren't the way you thought. Maybe right now you don't know what to think.
That is very good, not to know what to think. That is the beginning of learning, and you are beginning to learn. It is easier for you to budge when you are not so certain about what life is and your place in it. In any case, it is much more than you thought.
Welcome uncertainty. Welcome wondering. Welcome new. You don't have to feel secure or established. There is no such thing as settling down. As soon as you settle back, it's time to get up and go further. You think you seek for balance, and that once you have it, you need seek no longer. But there is no end to your development, and there is no end to your knowing Me. That is eternity. Eternity is not the same as endless time. It is not a long straight line. Think of it more as loops, or connected circles, or helixes rising. That is the course of your life with Me. Ever more.
There is ever more for you to grasp. There is another room to enter. And another off that. You enter new rooms, and it is not the same you who enters. You who are changeless are not the same with every entry. Each room you enter, you gasp with joy. Your heart leaps. With every discovery you make, you are more unbounded. You are not one who trudges. You are one who flies. And you fly with Me. That you can be certain of.
You live on many planes. All paths are not short.
You travel everywhere, and you go nowhere. You ride an elevator. It goes up, and you go up with it, and the sights you see are greater on each floor. Your eyes open wider, and you see more. Your seeing more is the adventure.
The closer you come to Heaven, the further you have come. Your return to your starting place takes no distance at all, and yet it is far, because with each entry, there is another swooning, so to speak. You are encaptured with each re-entry. You swoon at each discovery. You discover there was nothing to discover, and yet there was everything, and then you find that you are everything, and that you are My wonderful.
Know that now. You are My wonderfulness looking at My wonderfulness. You are looking at Me. You are looking at where we have been. How wonderful is your vision that sees My path before you, and you take it. Have faith that it is My path you take, and My hand that leads you.

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