Sunday, September 24, 2023

Thymus: The Collective of Ascended Masters, Channeled by Daniel Scranton - September 24, 2023

 The Heroes & Villains on Planet Earth ∞Thymus: The Collective of Ascended Masters

The Heroes & Villains on Planet Earth ∞Thymus: The Collective of Ascended Masters, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Blessings. We are Thymus. We are the collective of ascended masters.

We are watching over all of you because we want to spread our love and light to you, and because we enjoy watching you grow. It is important for you all to know that you are watched over by so many, because of the interest in the exciting times that you have upon you there on planet Earth. You are seen as the ones who are the most adventurous in the entire universe, and that is bound to get you quite a bit of attention and quite a bit of help from above. You don’t have to take anything that you are experiencing there seriously, however. Knowing that you are playing a game and that it is a simulation should help you to relax a little bit more about what’s going on in your lives and in the entire world. But if your game needs a villain, and you are determined to find out who the villains are, then yes, you will take all of this much too seriously.

Now of course you have those on planet Earth who have agreed to play the role of villain for you, but they truly are your best friends. They are the ones who are willing to take the karmic hit that is required of them to be the villain in your story. They are the ones who have agreed to experience the furthest space that they can from the knowing of who they really are as Source Energy, and that is a very unpleasant place to be in. In that sense, they are the true heroes because they have agreed to play the game with you and to go so far into the cold in order to play their part in the grand story that is the evolution of consciousness there on planet Earth. Now, all of you look up to us who have had the pleasure of playing the role of ascended master to all of you, and it is easy for you to see us as the heroes. 

But we look at you who are playing the roles that you are playing, and the villains who are playing the roles that they are playing, as the true heroes in the story of humanity’s ascension. Now, you may have noticed that we didn’t say what role you are playing there, and that is because you are deciding what that role is in every moment. You can be the helper, the healer, the guide, and the experiencer, or you can see yourselves of the victims of those who have all the power. It is up to you, and sometimes you see those who have all the power as the other people who are in your lives, who are playing the roles of your family members.

And so, you do take back all of your power when you see that the game and the simulation are your creation, and you do have the ability to shift within yourselves at any time and to feel the power of who you really are welling up inside of you at any time. But in order to do so, you have got to admit that love is the answer, and you have got to be willing to explore the love that is inside of you, even if no one out there is showing a willingness to love you. And that is one of the many ways in which you all have set up a very challenging game indeed for yourselves. 

And so we relish the role of the ones who got to show you the way to be love in a world that wasn’t always so receptive to us and to our teachings. We will continue to show you that the love within you is all you need, and we will do so through these messages and by projecting more of our love upon you at all times. We didn’t stop loving humanity when we ascended to the twelfth dimension, but rather, we just got more access to the love that we truly are. And you can access more of the love that you truly are when you agree that the way to do so is to rise up and to know yourselves more as you truly are, more as the infinite love, the unconditional love of the one Source from which we all were birthed. 

That is all for now. We are Thymus. We are the collective of ascended masters, and we are always amongst you.”

Hold Powerfully to your Faith | Jesus via John Smallman - September 23, 2023

Hold powerfully to your faith.

(John Smallman)

Humanity is awakening, and there are many signs of this all over the world. The chaos and confusion, the conflict, pain, and suffering with which practically all the media is constantly presenting you, while intending to draw your attention away from Reality, is quite successfully undermining your ability to be aware of It, as they do their best to promote fear and anger. Do not be misled, misinformed, or misguided by those traumatized ones – who are also, of course, like all of you, divine children of God – who are paid to distract you from the wonder of your beingness, your deep inner knowing that you are, always have been, and always will be beings of Love eternally at One with God in a constant and utterly uplifting state of joy.

You KNOW that only God/Love is Real, so keep bringing that knowing back into your awareness as you live your daily lives. Doing this massively assists the human collective as it moves most positively forwards in the awakening process.

Your awakening is divinely assured, and therefore totally unavoidable. Delight in this knowing – deep within each one of you it is always present – and keep reminding yourselves throughout your day that you are eternally, and therefore in every moment of your eternal existence, inseparably at One with Mother/Father/God – LOVE. Doing this strengthens your faith and trust in God’s eternal Love for you, and enormously assists you in maintaining and delivering on your intent to be only loving whatever arises. You are never alone, you are always lovingly sustained and taken care of by your support team in the non physical realms. Relax into full and complete acceptance of the Love of God which envelops you in every moment, even though you may well experience yourselves as being unaware of It.

Unawareness is a major aspect of the illusory or dream state of separation that humanity chose to engage with so many eons ago. Its dissolution is imminent.As you wait expectantly for this wondrous moment to transpire, know that the Love that is Mother/Father/God is flowing to you and through you at all times to assist you and all those with whom you interact in any way at all. The power and effectiveness of what you are doing by just being is way beyond your ability to envision, just know that in every moment you are doing the Will of God.

You chose to be in human form at this moment in the awakening process precisely because you most lovingly wanted to assist in the awakening process, and you are succeeding brilliantly. And, of course, it is God’s Will that you do so, because your choice to enter into form at this time was and is fully assented to by Her, and She loves you and honors you dearly for that courageous free will choice you made.

As I have often made clear to you, your awakening into awareness of your true nature, your awakening from the illusory dream into Reality, is the divine Will for you, and also your own. When you chose to engage with the unreal state of separation from your holy Source, you did not intend to remain there eternally unaware of its unreality, and thus endlessly suffering the terror of the separation experience. Part of the unreal state that you experience as humans in form is the seeming intense reality of it. It seems so real because on entering it you also established within yourselves a state of amnesia in order to make that unreal state appear to be the only state possible; to hide Reality from you by locking you into the very limited state of conscious awareness that your human bodies could sense and interpret. That is, you believe your bodies are who you truly are, and when they die that is obviously the end of you, because it seems that your bodily senses are the living being with which you identify.

And yet you are the Christ, the holy child of God, forever at One with Him, eternally in His divine Presence, even while remaining almost totally unaware of the possibility of this Truth. However, deep within yourselves, the knowing of your true nature remains, and when you spend quiet time alone, free from the almost endless chatter of thoughts apparently running endlessly through your minds, you will receive nudges and intuitive feelings that bring to your attention, even if only very briefly, a sense that there must be much more to life than your brief span of sentience as a human in form suggests.

You are each a dearly beloved child of God, Who in Her wisdom provided you, at the moment of your choice to experience separation, with the deep inner knowing or awareness of your true nature. It lies within you – as does the knowledge of the Mother’s longing for you to awaken to Her endless Love for you – waiting for you to allow yourselves the freedom to become aware of It, and then ask for help to know yourselves once again as you truly are.

The illusory or dream state is utterly unreal and cannot last. It is your intent, and nothing more, that enables it to seemingly encase you in a state of extremely limited consciousness, with but a tiny sense of awareness that you are possibly much more than you believe yourselves to be. Once you allow yourselves to enter that sense of awareness, and acknowledge its presence within you, it becomes impossible for you to return to a state of unknowing. You have finally started your conscious journey Home to full and complete awareness of your divine nature, and your cognizance of this awareness can never be forgotten.

All of you reading or listening to this have already passed well beyond this initial stage of your awakening process, and just being will bring you to that most glorious moment, while you will also most beautifully assist others, with whom you interact in even the slightest manner, to awaken along with you. You are all doing prodigious divine work that no one else can do instead of you. Hold powerfully to your faith, and trust that God accompanies you in every moment, as He most certainly does.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2023 A New Day |

A new dawn, a new day has arrived on your Earth plane. The levelling up you are experiencing now is preparation for yet another change in progress. Yes, The Universe could repeat the same things over and over…you know, “breathe, self-care, love, compassion, etc.”, however, it is time to put a bit of a twist on it.

You are being reminded to do your homework…this will be vital in the next few weeks.

Look at the infinite picture…focus on the whole thing rather than micro-managing. That way you will be able to see many more options.

Decipher what is truly yours…if you choose to continue to take on other people’s stuff, there is no time to focus on what you need during this time of change. The mantra “you cannot pour from an empty cup” will be very useful.

Finally…allow yourself to realize that thing are changing, changing much faster than you know. The Universe is here to tell you that yes, you can truly keep up. The only thing holding you back from it is you. 

~ Creator

The Creator Writings

Teachings of the Masters - September 23, 2023

Saturday, September 23, 2023

You are learning to allow

for your true broadcastto be heard 

to be acquainted with 

to be surrendered to at last.

Imagine releasing 

all the beliefs of lower consciousness

as you make this agreement with your true broadcast, 

Allow this intention to solidified now.

To be materialized into form now.

Your true broadcast.

Tune Yourself | The Angels via Ann Albers


Message from the Angels 09/23/2023

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You never need to give up on yourself, your hopes, or your dreams. You don't need to earn your manifestations or prove your worth to the heavens. There's no need to convince us, persuade us, or insist on having what you want. Before you even have time for these considerations, you have emitted a loving energy of desire to which we, the Divine, and the entire universe have begun to respond.

Your only job is to be receptive to love.

Imagine that you are a radio that can talk. You might say, "I want to broadcast FM station "XYZ." I insist on it! It is important. I need to hear the news on this station now. As you know, until the radio tunes into the station, it can't pick up the signal, no matter how it argues for why it should. It must become receptive by attuning the frequencies it wishes to receive. Likewise, you must tune into love to pick up love's signals.

You don't have to focus obsessively on your manifestations. You don't have to feel positive about everything in your life. You don't have to have a clue how to create something you want. You don't even have to believe in your dreams all the time! You just have to believe in and tune into something that feels like love as often as possible. You will know when you're on the path to your desires because you'll feel good. You'll know you're tuned into streams of grace when things flow more easily, synchronicities abound, and you enjoy the journey.

Don't beat yourself up when you're not there. Give yourself a hug. Congratulate yourself for being alive. It is optional! You choose to awaken each morning. Breathe deeply and feel the air in your lungs. Massage your own hands. Sip a glass of water and appreciate the feel of it. Even in these small acts of grace, you are receiving love. Even in these seemingly meaningless moments, you are attuning to a higher vibration. It is so much simpler than humanity has made it. You need only find that which feels like love. If you did nothing else but enjoy your moments and your days, so much more would come.

Relieve yourself of the burden of feeling perfect about everything you wish. Relieve yourself of the burden of trying to feel wonderful about everyone and everything. That is a tall order for most. Instead, dear ones, focus on what is good. Focus on what you like about the individuals in your life. You married that spouse for a reason! You felt good about the job when you took it. Look for the qualities that can uplift you so that more may come.

We are not suggesting you should stay in dense situations. We are not saying you should like what you do not. We wish for you what we know, that in this universe of contrast, you can focus on love, feel love, flow love, and thus attract love in the forms you desire.

Try today to simply look for what is good each time a difficult thought arises. Be kind to yourself in the process. You will find little moments of love and evidence of good everywhere. You will lift yourself. In this space, by the very nature of the universe, you will open the door to more.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels