Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Trusting Your Soul | The Creator via Jennifer Farley

Trusting Your Sou

Release the need to ask permission for your own spiritual growth.  It is not necessary to check in with friends, relatives, loved ones or significant others.  Yes, an additional set of eyes can be helpful on occasion, however, if you must ask before you make any move you are not allowing the process to happen naturally. It is time to start trusting your soul.  The Universe gifted you with the wonderful ability to just know when it is time to move forward……start listening

~ Creator

Soure: The Creator Writings

One Sun

Heavenletter #573 

God said:

You wonder how I can be speaking to each one of you at the same time. I am One Sun, but I am many-rayed, and My rays reach out and encompass the world. I see you very well, and I know you very well. I single out each one of you to talk to. I scoop out your heart with My words. I scoop out the dross and leave the gold.

I carry you in My heart. I do not have to go far to know you. I know the deepest recesses of you. I know you firsthand. I more than remember you. I experience you. I refresh Myself. I look at you anew each day.

My attention on you affects you. I turn you over, so to speak. Each day I turn you over. I bake you in My rays until you recognize that you are done to perfection.

You need no sun glasses with Me. I will not blind your eyes. I brighten them. I help you see.

There is so much more for you to see.

You know that I do not lack understanding, but you need to know that you do lack understanding. Sometimes you do not even look to understand. You look to evade. Why would anyone want to evade the love in My eyes? Why would anyone not want to be radiated by Me?

Perhaps you think you have secrets that you don't want anyone to know. But you have kept secrets from yourself. You have kept from yourself that you have nothing to hide.

When seen in the light, ominous departs.

I see My one child in all his divergence all at once. With one look, I see all. With one word, I say all. The timbre of My voice reaches all. More than My words are heard. I reach the innermost core of you. I pluck you like a guitar, and you begin to hear the music of yourself.

What a being I created in you! What a Creator I am! My creation unfurls. My exhalation continues. And you are caught up in My breath. It cools you and warms you, and you are touched by Me.

Your thoughts reach Me all at once. Your prayers reach Me as one. I give one answer, and that answer is Yes. Be quick to hear it.

I said Yes to you from the moment I made you. My whole creation was a big Yes written upon the sky. I say Yes to you now. Hear Me.

If you feel burdened, you are mistaken. You misconstrued something. Perhaps you thought I said No to you. I never say No. I always say Yes. Hear the echo of My voice.

I hear the truth of you, and it is the truth of you that I answer.

You may not know your own questions. You may think you ask one thing when, in reality, you ask another.

I hear very well, and I understand very well, and I answer Yes.

That is the extent of My vocabulary. What other word do I need know? And what about you? What if you only knew the word "Yes", only knew the concept Yes, only welcomed the advent of life and all it brought to you, the same way as I love each of you.

Will you today, in thought and deed, say Yes? Say Yes to Me now. Say Yes to all today on My behalf. Speak Yes for Me. Enable it for Me. Ennoble it for Me. Raise the world with a simple Yes.

You need no barriers. From what should you bar yourself?

Yes opens the universe. Yes opens Heaven. Yes opens you. Yes.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Focus on Consistency

April 11, 2021,

If you were given the most beautiful, tender creature to care for, what elements would it need in order to thrive?

You would provide it shelter (safety), sustenance, love, acceptance, encouragement, guidance, and develop trust through consistency. If you only provided those things some of the time, that being would have trouble relaxing enough to simply flow in its own unfoldment.

If you are having trouble with anxiety or embracing the unfoldment of your own evolution, we encourage you to focus on providing the elements we have mentioned above with a focus on consistency, for it is your consistency with your self care as your own loving guide and parent that allows you to settle into a greater state of peace and acceptance regardless of what is going on around you.

This creates a wonderful space for the discovery of your highest expression of self and everything that then becomes possible from that state of embodiment. Is it time you made the sacred commitment to be consistent with your self love and self care so you can thrive from a space of safe attachment?

Daily Teachings of the Masters | April 14, 2021

Daily Teachings of the Masters

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Trust that you are able.

You are approaching victory because you are able.

Trust that.

You are being asked to go higher - that is a given.

So trust that you are able.

Daily Teachings of the Masters | April 13, 2021

Daily Teachings of the Masters

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

When you sign on for your forever claim for victory of the highest consent you will make miracles happen beyond your current consideration.

The key the deliberation and conquest is to assert your victory march now.

A can do attitude of asserting your highest value will open up doorways and create change.

Asserting your highest value by knowing that you are in charge much more than you are aware.