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Is this on?! | The Creator via Jennifer Farley - SEPTEMBER 30, 2022

 Is This On?!

SEPTEMBER 30, 2022

Never underestimate the influence you have on those around you. Your words and/or actions, seen or unseen, have a direct effect that reverberates through everything around. Whether it is love or fear, it goes out to The Universe and comes back…to be sent out…to come back again, magnifying and growing each time. 

Even after a situation is forgotten, it will continue to send ripples throughout time. You have always had a choice as to what you broadcast on your own personal frequency. What do you choose to send out today? 

~ Creator

The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton - September 30, 2022

 Roadblocks on the Path of the Awakened Soul ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Roadblocks on the Path of the Awakened Soul ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. 

We are letting go of what weighs us down at this time because we are also ascending, just like humanity is. We know that something resides in our consciousness that keeps us from being tenth, eleventh, or twelfth dimensional, and we know that the process of ascension for us involves letting go of what is dense enough in our consciousness to keep us from ascending right now. 

You are ascending; that is a guarantee. However, if you want to have a more beautiful experience of your ascension, you will look for what is dense that resides in your consciousness, and you will consciously and deliberately let that go. You may have to let go of a grudge, a judgment, some resentment, and you definitely have some heavier beliefs and belief systems to shed on your way up to the fifth dimension. The question is and will remain: ‘Are you going to let go on purpose, or will these things have to be pried from your very tight grip?’

What are you gripping tightly right now? That’s what you need to look at, and that’s what you need to decide to let go if you are going to have the best possible experience of your ascension. Your ascension will continue to be a gradual process, so you will not let go of it all at once. But again, doing it consciously is the more fun, the more interesting, the more expansive, and the more life-affirming way of raising the level of your consciousness.

You don’t want to force yourself to have to raise the level of your consciousness. You want to choose to do it, just like you want to choose the light over the dark, rather than thinking that you as the light are there to defeat the dark. Choosing a path of ease in this very exciting lifetime involves some self-reflection. It involves some introspection, some going within. And you can do those things, or you can look outside of yourselves for confirmation of your limiting beliefs, your judgments, your reasons for being in a state of rage or fear. It is up to you. 

Just because you are awake doesn’t mean you are taking the best possible path. There are a lot of pitfalls, landmines, and roadblocks that are available to you on any path, and we are just suggesting that you avoid them by choice. Choose the light; if something doesn’t feel like the light to you, then it isn’t, and you don’t have to choose it for you. You also don’t have to snuff it out or make sure no one else is choosing it. Lead by example; lead by shining your light, and others will follow.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Grounding through the Heart Chakra by Venus Beings - September 30, 2022

Grounding through the Heart Chakra by Venus Beings
Channeled through Natalie Glasson 
Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings and love, we are the Venus Beings. We open our heart space to you now and give forth our love of the Creator, our self-love and our love of all that is the Creator. We love you, dearly. We wish for you to experience a universe that is filled with love, created from love and manifests love. This is the reality that you exist within, we wish to encourage you to feel it, to sense it, to know and enjoy the universe of love. 

Grounding is such an essential aspect of ascension as you constantly change, shift and transform. There is always a need to ground into Mother Earth and ground into the reality that you are creating as well as grounding into your core essence and your truth. We wish to share with you a way that you can ground yourself into the space of love. The space of love that is within you and the space of love that is outside of you within the Universe of the Creator. Through this simple grounding process, not only will you feel yourself most secure, balanced and stable in your reality with clarity and understanding. You will allow your heart chakra to open and expand, your entire being will unfold and your energy field will vibrate and pulsate at a quicker speed expanding into the reality around you. When you are in this space, everything flows with greater ease. You are able to manifest your truth, you are able to manifest the reality that serves and fulfills you, that you are able to enjoy in every moment for you are deserving of this. We wish to share with you how you can achieve this grounding through the heart chakra. 

First, we wish for you to acknowledge, what do you love in your reality or who do you love in your reality? Do you have a partner? A loved one. A family member, may be an animal that you love dearly?

We, the Venus Beings invite you to think of one being that you love dearly. It may be one of your guides or someone in your reality. Allow yourself to notice what happens to your being when you think of your love for them. Allow yourself to notice how your heart chakra expands, maybe your chest fills with love. You might feel yourself expressing love with each breath as you exhale, or you might find that there is a need to express love with each breath that you exhale in order to feel, to sense and acknowledge that love that you have for this being. 

As you experience the love that you have for this being, allowing it to grow, notice and be aware of how it influences and impacts your body and being. You might find yourself feeling more stable, more grounded, more in a space of love.

As you acknowledge this, space of love, allow yourself to also acknowledge the floor, the ground, Mother Earth beneath you. Maybe it's your feet or your body touching the floor, or if not simply be aware that you have the floor beneath you. The Earth, the soil, Mother Earth, even if you are in an aeroplane, you still have Mother Earth beneath you. There is always a connection that can be acknowledged, and it is this simple connection that allows you to experience the grounding of love. As you are in a space of acknowledging love, and then you ground it, the love is already grounding you but the grounding process magnifies and amplifies your experience of love. Then you can begin to look into other aspects of your reality from this space of love. 

We the Venus Beings encourage you to first notice everything and everyone that you love. It might be drinking a cup of tea or coffee that allows you to experience the love that you have. There might be a tree that you love, maybe there is an experience that you love, a connection with a guide that you love. There may be many beings in your reality that you love. Some of these may be beings in nature, you may find that you love your home, your garden or a certain country.

You will discover that you love colours as you move through this journey of discovering and being aware of what you love, you are opening your heart. You are grounding yourself; you are grounding yourself into a space of love. You are becoming more and more aware of what it feels like to emanate love, and to be in that space of love, where love fills your entire being. The more that you acknowledge this the more you recognise that you are a being of love grounded, balanced, anchored into Mother Earth. Then comes the journey of approaching areas of your reality, or your being which do not hold the vibration of love. They may hold the vibration of hate, anger, fear, or being wounded. Then you allow yourself to access the love that you know so well within your being, and you approach whatever requires healing or transformation from this space of love, seeing through the eyes of your inner love, your grounded inner love. 

You are in a space of balance, openness, you are allowing the flow of the Creator and Mother Earth, everything is in sync. Therefore, you will understand the answer. You will understand what is needed in order to transition, to transform this situation or experience and you will be able to follow that guidance. Therefore, you will begin to practice approaching everything from a space of love within your being, and you will notice how things transform easily and effortlessly, and how more and more loving things manifest in your reality. This is how to ground yourself into your reality and your ascension through the heart chakra, it creates the most blissful experience, blissful reality, and accelerated ascension. 

We, the Venus Beings, are present to support you, so please call upon us even if you simply wish for us to surround you in love, we will do so happily. Please take our words into your heart and accept what feels appropriate and necessary for you. 

We love you, dearly, we thank you,

We are the Venus Beings

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Daily Teachings of the Masters | September 29, 2022


Thursday, September 29, 2022


What if you decided to go off script?
There is additional leverage available for you 
to do just that.
The karmic winds will lead you to 
hurt feelings, grudges and tendencies to fear. 
What if you heralded in a free pass 
from all that? 
That is what you are discovering. 
That you have ample leverage to do so now. 
You are learning how to make 
your next right turn.
as you become associated with,
your Higher Self.

Enough? | The Creator via Jennifer Farley - SEPTEMBER 29, 2022

SEPTEMBER 29, 2022


Take a moment today to meditate on this thought; triggers versus abuse.  Some will come into your life to show you what you need to change to make you a better person.  They will be there to guide you to things you have kept hidden from yourself so that you may release and grow from it.  You have often asked to learn these things and these people are a direct response to your specific request.

However, if you have cleared what you need to in the highest/best way (an extra set of eyes will help in these situations) and the assaults continue then a line has been crossed from being a trigger to abuse.  You are responsible for you and, if you have done all you can within yourself and for the other person, then it becomes an issue for The Universe to handle.  It is not your job to fix them.  Release the person with appreciation, gratitude, Unconditional Love and know that you have learned a very important thing about being human…knowing when to say, “Enough is enough.” 

~ Creator

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