Wednesday, April 7, 2021

You Are the Fulfiller of God's Vision

Heavenletter #566

God said:

It is good to have full joy in Me. It is good to know Me for yourself. But once you do, even that is not enough. Yes, it is you and I, and you and I are everything, but it is not enough for you to be in My light alone. You cannot be content for long, even shining in My light, because you know, deep in your heart, that We exist for more than Our isolated awareness of each other.

When you feel My embrace, you know that you are on earth for more than yourself alone. You are here for something beyond your own realization. What profits you wealth, even wealth of consciousness, even wealth of Me, unless it is shared.

Whereas I want you to have more contentment within yourself, I also want you to open Me up for others who do not yet have what you do. I am for you, but even I am not enough for you unless I am shared. And how to share Me, you do not yet know. But it is a good start knowing that there is something more than Our private existence.

Our existence is everything, and still there is more. Existence is meant to be shared. And you just don't know yet what is your means of sharing it. The means of your sharing Me will come to you. You will spot it. You will have another realization of Me, and that will be the realization of what you are to do.

As the knowledge of who you are seeps into you, the knowledge of how to serve Me will arise.

Locating Me is not your fulfillment. Locating Me is where you start from. Finding Me is the beginning of My Will on earth. Now you will find the rest of My Will for you.

Finding Me is great happiness. But greater happiness lies in store for you.

Consider the world a store, and you are shopping for what to do for Me. Keep looking, and you will find it. You will find the unknown item you are looking for. You will see it, and you will begin to know you have found something. It will find you as much as you find it.

There may well be no great announcement along with your finding your appointed avenue. You may amble along a while until your step becomes sure.

This much you already know. You do not live for yourself alone. You do not live for your family alone. Your present life prepares you for more.

Yes, I have told you that simple being is what you are for more than anything else. But now your being enters a greater arena. Your thoughts will go beyond the present ropes. Your thoughts, more of your thinking, will come from Me, and that is how you grow in your love for Me and for the universe.

You have an appointment. I have appointed you. Only you have forgotten what Our appointment is for, and now you are in the process of remembering. You know it has something to do with My Will, but exactly what, you are not yet sure.

Even those of you who have found your place in My Will, there is more that I have in store for you. I have more treasures for you. You might call them responsibility, but the responsibility is Mine. You are My helper, that's all. It is easy to be a helper. A helper helps, and you will help Me beyond your present reckoning. You will certainly help Me beyond the world's reckoning, and soon. Soon you will venture forth from My heart and bring all My love with you. You will help Me fulfill My vision for you.

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