Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Heavenletter #5633 Heroes of Infinity,

April 27, 2016 

God said: 

Look, no one can see ahead of time all the questions that you might ask before you take a leap into living life. 

You learn as you grow. You grow as you learn. You move forward, one step at a time. This is how you walk, one foot after the other. A pattern evolves and comes to light. This is Life – the Surprise of a Lifetime. 

You walk in a mist, as it were. You may have no idea where you are or how far you have come. You may think you trudge when you are actually flying as free as a bird. 

Life does not come to you prepackaged. Life is not all neat and wrapped up as you might like it to be. Life has a thousand ways – a million ways – a billion ways – to find its way to you and hand you a message. 

Life is always barreling on its way to you, seemingly like the childhood game of Tiddlywinks where you flip little discs into a cup -- and there you are – your Life made up of little circles reaching you. These little circles become the building blocks of your Life in the World. What a Fantastic world you are in! 

Look, Tiddlywinks come in all colors, and all colors enter your Life and take their place. Life may seem incidental, accidental or coincidental, yet Life is not hit or miss. Life is indeed purposeful. Life is always leading you somewhere even as you may not have a clue to where Life is leading you or what your next step will be, yet your next step is right here before you. Take your chances. 

Life may seem more like a chess game to you, and you may hear Life say to you: "Checkmate!" 

Yet always, there is another move and another after that. Life is never over. You get up, and there is another Game of Life to play. There is no end-game, beloveds, for you are Heroes of Infinity. Infinity is open-ended. Life keeps going on. Life continues. 

You may play your Game of Life on a hard table or on felt or on moss on the floor of a jungle. Whatever scenery you find yourself in, the scenery doesn't begin to tell your story. Where you seem to be may well not be where you are. Where you go from here leads you to the Whole Infinite Story. 

You play in a Big Game, and you are a Big Player. There are no little guys. All are equal in their power to play in tournaments, or to walk gauntlets, or to hide or run away. There is no lack of ways to play or not play. Once in, you're in. 

There may be rugged mountains to climb and green valleys to lie on your back in and chew on a dandelion while you look up at the Blue Sky. Your eyes and Sky are always meant to meet. The Sun and the Moon and the Stars as well. You are meant for each other. 

What your eyes alight on, your eyes were meant to alight on and gaze at. Whatever the object may be called, it has beckoned you. "C'mon," it says. Whatever your eyes may rest on, why, it had been calling to you: 

"Come see me, Come see how beautiful I am. I reflect your beauty whether you see my beauty or not and whether you recognize your own beautifulness or not." 

Beloveds, your eyes are a camera. You can take a picture of a junk yard, and right there before you is beauty within, immortalized in a photograph taken from the cast of your eyes. Your eyes can be the True Camera. 

Your eyes and mind see the world, and so you conclude what the world is like. If your view is that the world is lacking, then please take another look. If you see gray clouds blocking the Sun, look again. Keep looking. 

You are beginning to see with My eyes. 

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